Hey It’s OK…

We asked readers to tweet us with their own contributions – and we discovered that, yes, it is perfectly acceptable to spend more money on your eyebrows than anything else in life and hit the bar with your girls in your gym gear on your way to the gym class you never made it to (we’ve been there, too!).

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Hey it’s OK…

…to post an old photo of a cocktail so nobody knows you’re spending Saturday night with a face mask on

…to get scissor happy after three glasses of pinot, but deny to your hairdresser that you cut your own fringe

…if your friendship is based solely on tagging each other in memes – it’s basically the 2018 version of ‘I love you’, right?

…to regret wearing that playsuit when you have to strip naked in a club toilet

…to return an Asos parcel within the 28-day period, then reward your impeccable organisation with another gigantic order

…if your idea of a ‘marathon’ is watching an entire series on Netflix in a day. After all, it requires an equal amount of dedication and carb-loading

…to go on holiday with every intention of digital detoxing, but immediately log into the hotel’s Wi-Fi when you arrive (thanks to GLAMOUR reader @HelenRomaniszyn)

…if you wear midi skirts so you don’t have to shave your legs all the way up

…to realise after you’ve done a full face of makeup that you need to put on that white top with a tight neck. Hello, Vanish Oxi Action

…if you have one stubborn hair growing from your belly button/areola/chin that will not die, no matter how often you secretly tweeze it

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