Lashes, Lashes.. LASHES!

Our lash courses are our biggest selling training course – everyone has become obsessed with them! And we can’t blame them! You have the opportunity to earn a LOT of money, regularly, with relatively cheap materials! Your margins will be sky high and their lashes will be too!

If you are not yet trained in lashes – YOU NEED TO BE!

On average, we pay anywhere between £40 to £120 for a set of lashes in the UK (depending on style) and when your qualified and confident, you’ll be able to do a full set of lashes in around 1 to 2 hours. You then will have your clients coming back for infills = more income!

So, you may be thinking – what is the difference? You will have heard of Classic Individuals, Russians and Volume. They are all different and it’s very likely that your clients will all want different techniques. Not every client who is a prime candidate for volume will want volume and not every client who has fabulous natural lashes will want classic

Q What are Classics?

Classic eyelash extensions are where one extension is applied individually to one natural lash. This gives a classic lash set a 1:1 ratio. This style is the original method, and while still a very favoured style in the market, it is lacking some “oomph” for clients.. This is why Russian Volume was created.

Q What are Russians?

No… this does not mean a Russian must apply the lashes (unless she is trained in the technique, of course!). This style originated in Russia and Ukraine, hence the name! Russian lashing is the technique in which anywhere from 2-6 eyelashes extensions are applied to each individual lash. This is up to a 6:1 ratio – quite a difference. You will create a fan, customized to your client, in a variety of ways.

Q What are Express Volume?

Also known as American Volume Lashes, Kardashian Lashes, Mixed or Combination Lashes. Express volume lashes, driven by celebrities such as the Kardashians who seek a combination of the definition provided by classic lashes with the volume of Russian Lashes, have risen hugely in popularity.

Express Volume Lashes involves application of pre-made fan lashes for a quick but effective volume lash treatment to each natural lash. Also, a new change! This will now include eyelash tinting in the morning then the application of the pre-fanned lashes on a mannequin head in the afternoon.

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