Hershey’s New Gold Candy Bar Looks Like a Winner

Hershey’s just announced its newest candy bar in celebration of the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the only thing its lacking is chocolate. The candy company, who is a proud sponsor of Team USA, teases the Hershey’s Gold bar 100 days until the start of the games.

According to the online announcement, it’s made of a caramelized creme base and filled with pieces of pretzel and peanuts “to give you a very fine crunch, indeed.” Salty and sweet? Yum!

Apparently, this is the first time a mass-market company has used a caramelized crème in a candy bar. What’s also different about this candy bar is that it’s made up of two sizes of “pips” – what the company calls those little sections that you (may or may not) break off to share with friends – which fit together like a puzzle. The packaging is also special, featuring blue, gold, and brown candy-striped wings.

Foodies like Candy Hunting got their hands on the bars months ago and compared it to the Caramac, a Nestle bar that was released in the UK in 1959. “Yes, this Hershey’s Gold bar is easily superior to the Caramac…Overall, this is a great undertaking by Hershey’s. Hopefully the use of the caramelized creme base and salty mix-ins doesn’t end with this bar,” the junk food site wrote in August.

Gold joins dark, milk, and white chocolate as the fourth flavor in Hershey’s candy bar profile and will be available in stores on December 1, 2017.

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