April 24, 2024

Here’s your exclusive first look at Huda Kattan’s incredibly empowering new self-love campaign

WithIsle of Paradise’s body positive campaignand anempowering photo series from Billie Razorsgetting comfortable with armpit hair andpubic hair, feeling empowered by our bodies is top of the agenda.

Body positivity movements are filtering more into mainstream images now more than ever and it’s the change we’ve been waiting on for a hot minute.

Beauty mogul and influencer Huda Kattan is no stranger to making beauty a more inclusive and approachable place, and her latest uplifting campaign is no exception. Huda Beauty fans, prepare for a whole lot of self-love and glitter for days.

Inspired by former Pakistani Dentist, Sara Shakeel’s artwork covering women’s stretch marks with glitter looks at the aspects we might not be so comfortable with, and often take issue with but embracing them and letting those imperfections shine bright. Glittermarks – it’s genius really.

Huda’s Glitter and Self Love campaign prompts us to look into what makes us beautiful. “As a beauty influencer and someone behind a beauty brand I feel it’s so important to express what beauty really is! Beauty to so many people has been perfection and we feel at Huda Beauty now more than ever beauty is about YOU. It’s about embracing all of who you are,” Huda told GLAMOUR.

“We have a mission here and it really is to make people feel welcome in beauty. To make them feel like everyone is a part of. It’s not just about skin tone and skin colour – it’s so much deeper. We’re here to tell everyone who has something unique about themselves that they are a part of this conversation, are leading the conversation and are the future of beauty. ”

The carefully-selected few featuring in the campaign all have amazing stories worthy of all the glitter.

Mari Maria

With over 11 million followers on Instagram, Mari Maria is one of Brazil’s favourite beauty influencers. Known for her beautiful freckles, she embraces this aspect by using glitter to enhance her freckled complexion.

Mama Cax

At 14 years old Haitan-American blogger, advocate and motivational speaker and model Mama Cax was diagnosed with bone and lung cancer leading to a hip replacement and leg amputation. Spreading the message of positivity throughout her social media, she features proudly in Huda’s campaign with a glittery metal amputated leg.

Deborah Morena

Living with chronic skin condition, Vitiligo since the age of 5, Netherlands based model Deborah Morena intends to inspire young women to embrace their uniqueness. Deborah does just this, enhancing her skin pigmentation by outlining it with glitter.

Samuel Friberg

London-based Samuel Friberg uses social media to speak frankly and show the beauty of his facial birthmark. Once bullied for this very birthmark, Samuel now chooses to enhance his birthmark by covering it with glitter as a true representation of self love.

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