June 13, 2024

Here’s why this decades-old ‘almost lipstick’ by Clinique is going viral on TikTok

If you were a nineties kid with a penchant for rooting through your mum’s makeup bag, there’s a high chance that you’re familiar with Clinique’s ‘Black Honey’ lipstick, which is currently enjoying a big resurgence thanks to a number of TikTok influencers.

The suits-everyone shade, which a number of Gen Z-ers have recently discovered, actually dates back to 1971 – though the sheer and balmy Almost Lipstick formula we know today was launched in 1989, hence the nineties nostalgia.

Clinique’s £18. 50 cult lippy has been a constant bestseller since launch, but its newfound fame has sparked a mass sellout across retailers – including the brand’s own website – after the shade went viral on TikTok.

The hashtag #cliniqueblackhoney has racked up 15. 8 million views on the video-sharing app (and counting). Its appeal? A soft and nourishing formula that’s not quite a gloss, not quite a lipstick – with a flattering berry shade that gives a just-bitten tint.

TikToker and former retail makeup artist Mikayla Nogueira told her 7. 5 million followers: “Listen, I’m not going to lie to you – I was completely shocked when this went viral. I used to sell at least one of these a day at Ulta Beauty when I was working there, because it’s been around for decades, and it is highly highly loved and a cult classic from Clinique.

“So when I saw this going viral on TikTok, I’m like ‘what the hell! ’ I’m gonna be completely honest, the demographic that purchases this is usually a maturer woman, so to see younger women using it on TikTok is so interesting to me. ”

In fact, Black Honey’s appeal is rooted in the way that it caters to everyone. An early example of a truly inclusive shade, it adapts to the wearer’s natural lip colour and simply enhances what’s already there.

Another creator, @geographyj, said: “Guys I’m literally about to cry right now… if you’re a brown girl you need to go get this right now.

“I’ve had such a hard time finding a lip colour like this that’s just sheer and moisturising and that works for two-toned lips, or people with browner lips or not pink lips. Go out and find it, Black Honey by Clinique, it’s so good. ”

Described by the brand as the ‘black turtleneck of lipstick’, it’s the definition of a makeup staple. *Adds self to waitlist*…

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