Here’s what your isolation dreams mean

Research by digital marketing agency AGY47 has revealed that Google searches for “why do I keep having weird dreams” have increased by 200% compared to last year while there has been a 190% increase in users asking ‘why do I keep having bad dreams.”Since the Coronavirus lockdown started, many of us are having more vivid dreams than ever before and we’re all turning to Google for the answers.

And there’s one subject that seems to be a recurring theme for many – your ex. What does it mean when they keep popping up in your sleep and does it mean you still secretly have feelings for them?

Why am I dreaming about my ex?

The good news is, you’re not alone. Searches for “why am I dreaming about my ex” increased by a staggering 2,450% compared to last year, as Brits try to understand why a sudden lockdown is bringing back old memories.

Marilyn Devonish explains: “In the current coronavirus context, dreaming of your ex could be metaphorically dreaming about times gone by, and sadness about losing those times.

If you feel your ex ‘abandoned’ you, this can be around self-acceptance, not being cared for or feeling left out and not included. If you were dominated in the relationship, it can be a reminder to take your power back and affirm your own sense of strength.”

Why am I dreaming of falling?

According to the study, the second most common lockdown dream was dreaming of falling, with a whooping 600% increase in searches for “what does it mean when you dream about falling.”

Marilyn explains: “Falling can be about being unsure, out of control, overwhelmed or as though the control has been taken out of your hands. You may have lost confidence in yourself or be feeling anxious, all of which makes sense as normal life has temporarily been taken away.”

Why am I dreaming about my teeth and hair falling out?

This is definitely a popular lockdown dream too as searches for ‘dreams about losing teeth’ and ‘dreams about hair falling out’ both saw a 400% increase this year.

“Losing teeth and teeth falling out can be about scattering your energy, not fully understanding a situation, over talking and saying too much, or something coming to an abrupt end” commented Marilyn. “It can also be about a loss of power, dealing with some form of loss, being indecisive or reflecting on how you see your physical appearance.”

She continues: “Hair can symbolise our identity and even strength, so hair falling out can be a sign you are worried about losing part of your identity or power or feeling helpless.”

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