Here’s What Your First Date Drink Order Says About You

First dates are nerve-racking, no doubt about it. You never know what to wear, you’re unsure what the etiquette is (like, do you tell them if they have a booger?), and you spend a good 20 minutes pre-date coming up with mental flashcards in case there’s an awkward silence.

If you’re meeting at a bar, there’s also the added stress of reading way too much into what your drink order will lead them to believe about you as a functioning human being who is coexisting on the same planet they are. When it comes down to it, though, your drink order is your first impression, and here’s what each of these choices can say about you (whether it’s an accurate representation of you or not).

At the end of the day, hopefully, you’ve had a productive enough date that the person knows these things are actually far from the truth or a pretty accurate description of you. On the slight chance it doesn’t go so well, just know what impression you’re leaving them with.

So whatever you order, order with confidence, as it’s the first step to being taken seriously and showing you’re not the type of girl who lets someone else order for her all the time. It’s 2017, those days are over.


Ordering a beer on a first date pretty bluntly says, “Hey dude, let’s be bros.” Now, I love beer as much as anyone, but unless you’re at a beer garden or somewhere that makes their own brew (in which case, get a flight), it says you actively defy the classiness that is supposed to be a first date. BTW the same goes for men.


If you’re at any middle-tier bar, sorry to break it to you, but the House Whateveritis is probably the stuff that will stain your teeth or leave you with a headache before your date is over. Ordering this says you have no palate when it comes to wine and therefore your standards for such (and for people) are very low.


You’re always looking for something to celebrate. But, like the wine stigma, unless you’re ordering a top-shelf flute, what’s the point? It just may tell your date that you watch too many old movies (this is never a bad thing, though. Own it.).

Anything Juice

A dead giveaway that you don’t get out much and you think a classy cocktail is vodka cranberry. I know you’re better than this.

A Vacation Cocktail

Refer to Piña Colada Oreo Thins.

Anything Tonic

You panicked and ordered something you don’t even like. This is a sign you’re only used to someone buying you a drink at a bar at 1 AM, not going out on a date.

Exception: You order a gin and tonic with a top shelf gin and you request a cucumber. This says you actually like the drink and you know how to order it properly.

On The Rocks

You’re bold and take no bull sh*t.

Warning: Don’t just order this because you think its cool. If you can’t handle the taste, you’ll be making weird faces all night and will inevitably break at some point and ask for a chaser. No one wants to be that girl.

Martini with a Specification

You are the epitome of urban class and you have a closet full of sleek black clothing, white boots, and statement coats.

Old Fashioned

You’re a boss lady who can hang with the sharks. Your style is your own and you make no apologies when your pointed toe boots accidentally poke your date in the shin.

Scotch, Whiskey, or Bourbon Neat

The men in your life (or your badass grandma) taught you how to drink and you’re very proud of that. As soon as the bartender asks your order you know you’re about to intimidate the hell out of the person you’re with and you can’t wait to see their reaction.

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