Here’s what a 30 day trial of bioactive collagen skin shots did to my skin

Beauty Go Skinshot Trial, £119. It’s no secret to anyone beauty or skincare-obsessed that collagen is one of the hottest words around, right now. This super-important fibrous protein is the main supportive base to our skin, and the key component in keeping our skin strong, providing firmness and elasticity.

Naturally, the first thought we’re all having is HOW DO I PRODUCE MORE?!

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The formula promises increased radiance, skin firmness and elasticity, as well as a reduction in wrinkle count. Packed full of natural fruit and macro-antioxidants that are exclusive to the brand, the Skin Shot offers protection against harmful radicals that could destroy your healthy cells and promote ageing, as well as aiding protein production with its zinc content.

All this in just 30 days? Sign me up.

The Reviewer

Jen Garside, Engagement Executive

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Despite being in my 20s, endless late nights have resulted in some seriously dark under-eye circles, and a tendency towards sugary snacks has probably given my natural collagen production quite a knock.

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The Review

After enthusiastically shaking my first shot (note: at 100ml this is a little bigger than certain other shots I am used to downing), I eagerly opened the bottle to be greeted with an overwhelming scent of ginger. Honest opinion? I hated the smell, and I held my nose to get the first shot down me. Four days later after a night of weekend drinking, it was even harder to swallow. The consistency is thin, and the aftertaste is very sweet. I imagine it tastes much like those expensive healthy juices that I avoid.

As someone who eats a low dairy diet, I was pleased to note that the shots were lactose and gluten-free. However, if you’re vegetarian or vegan, these are a no-go as collagen is derived from derived from bovine (cow), porcine (pig) or marine (fish) sources.

Ten days later, I was officially addicted to ginger. I might not have been doing the trial long enough to see any results at this point, but I was keenly drinking my shot every day and throwing ginger into pretty much every meal I cooked. Seriously. I bought a ginger grater specifically.

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After twenty days, when I was in what should have been my hormonal skin breakout period, I noticed a significant reduction in the amount of spots that appeared. My undereye bags were looking slightly brighter, despite my usual late nights, and I even stopped loading concealer on before heading home.

At the end of the trial, it’s hard to say explicitly that I’ve seen all of the promised results. Having run through a full skin cycle, I’ve naturally seen some ups and downs – but I’ve certainly seen less downs than in a normal month. My face feels a little firmer and brighter, my nails a little stronger, and I feel happier that I’m now ingesting a daily multivitamin and protein supplement (albeit one that also contains 6.5g of sugar, which is sadly a key culprit in damaging collagen).

Final verdict

Beauty Go’s Skin Shot trial offers a quick way to ingest your daily multivitamins with the added offer of collagen itself and collagen synthesis-supporting nutrients. As the ingredients are broken down in the gut, there’s no guarantee that you’ll see instant skin elasticity – but taking a natural dietary supplement with so many potential positives? It sure can’t hurt.

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