July 18, 2024

Here’s the New Year’s resolution you should make based on your star sign

Stuck for New Year’s resolution inspo this year? Our astrology writer Emma Howarth has devised a guide to the perfect new year goal based on your star sign – if you’re up for making a resolution this year.

If your New Year’s resolution is to watch even more Netflix than the last lockdown, we support you.

20 March–18 April

Ready to level up, make a difference and show the world what you’re made of? You’ve got this in 2021, Aries. Where you lead others will follow this year thanks to a powerful planetary pile up in your social eleventh house. Make a New Year’s resolution to reflect that and your star will rise beyond your wildest dreams.

Do… Join a networking group. Build your Instagram. Create a community. Commit to a cause. Use technology to your advantage. Believe in your big idea. Make a difference. Make time for friends. Share an idea with the world. Find your people.

Don’t… Give up. Go it alone. Get bored and move on to something else. Compare yourself to others. Expect overnight results. Freak out because it isn’t perfect. Hold a grudge. Ignore that niggling feeling or idea. Keep it to yourself.

19 April–19 May

If you’ve been waiting for a business idea, passion project or your career to take off, this might just be your year. Your success zone is on fire in 2021 and life looks set to become everything you ever dreamed it would be. Make a resolution that involves a career change, a big leap or a long-held dream and you’ll strike gold, Taurus.

Do… Make the leap. Take a chance. Think big. Expect success. Aim for the win. Make a connection. Create a vision board. Travel more. Work smarter, not harder. Switch things up. Share your work. Invest in yourself. Make your own luck. Start a sideline. Accept a big reward.

Don’t… Be afraid to make a change. Let a dream die. Be afraid to aim high. Accept less than you’re worth. Stop standing up for yourself. Wait on someone else. Look backwards. Forget about downtime. Work too hard. Keep going if your heart’s not in it.

20 May–19 June

It’s all change for Gemini in 2021. If lockdown life has left you yearning for adventure, get ready to throw yourself in to your most expansive year yet. Make a resolution related to education, travel or even a move overseas and you may find you end the year in a very different place.

Do… Follow your heart. Make up your mind. Say ‘Yes’ to a big proposition. Take a step towards a dream. Think ahead. Sign up for a course. Learn something new. Go back to school. Get on a plane (the second you can). Make long-term plans. Embrace another culture. Learn a language. Live large.

Don’t…Take no for an answer. Get stuck in a rut. Stay in your box. Ignore the world outside your window. Say ‘No’ to a big opportunity. Settle for less. Allow someone to treat you badly. Live a lie. Believe everything they tell you. Stick with the status quo. Forget to renew your passport.

20 June–21 July

It’s time to focus in on what you want and make it happen in 2021, Cancer. And whether that’s a big goal, a big adventure or a big love, you’ve got what it takes to make it happen. Make a resolution to invest in your secret big dream (and that investment could mean time or attention, not just cash) and you’ll get the pay off you’ve always wanted in 2021.

Do… Commit. Stay on track. Say ‘Yes’ (especially in love). Throw caution to the wind. Invest in something. Choose a goal and go for it. Turn your obsession into your career. Make it happen.

Don’t… People please. Lie to keep others happy. Let past hurts stop you from living in the now. Change direction too quickly. Let your attention scatter. Give up. Put yourself last.

22 July–21 August

A year of dynamic duos awaits you, Leo. And whether you’re ready to level up a love affair, find The One or commit to a business partnership, the connections you make in 2021 are set to make a big difference to your life. Make a resolution to commit, care and connect where it counts and you’ll end the year happier than ever.

Do… Believe in love. Take it to the next stage. Commit. Give it a chance. Make a big decision. See the best in someone. Share the spotlight. Open your mind. Trust the universe. Find your equal. Sign on the dotted line. Get an agent. Team up. Do the deal.

Don’t… Take more than you give. Create drama. Think the grass is greener. Insist on doing things your way. Refuse to change. Avoid commitment. Think you know better. Say ‘No’ when a dream come true comes knocking.

22 August–21 September

Wellness goals might be a January cliché but with key planets hanging out in your health conscious sixth house, this is your year to make it happen. Ready to up your game, feel fantastic and start living life on your terms? You’ve got this, Virgo! Make the self-care resolution you’ve been resisting and you’ll end 2021 on form.

Do… Put yourself first. Set the goal. Make the change. Hit refresh. Book the class. Do the course. Look after yourself. Ditch the habit. Take the steps. Know you’re worth it. Believe in better. Visualise your best life.

Don’t… Stress out. Run before you can walk. Overdo it. Give up at the first hurdle. Give in to hedonism. Be too hard on yourself. Start tomorrow. Take no for an answer.

22 September–22 October

Get ready for your best year yet! There are good times galore on the horizon for Libra, all you have to do is believe you deserve it. Make a resolution that prioritises love, fun and creative pursuits and you might just hit upon the idea of a lifetime.

Do… Start a passion project. Get creative. Make life beautiful. Have fun. Turn on the charm. Flirt like you mean it. Make plans. Show up for yourself. Write. Paint. Make something. Take a chance. Be romantic. Let love in. Go for gold.

Don’t… Play small. Delete that dating app. Stress over the details. Ignore the idea. Say ‘No’ when you mean ‘Yes’. Look back. Put someone else’s needs before your own. Let a day job get in the way of your dream.

23 October–21 November

You’ve got some big dreams, Scorpio, but you need more stability to make them come true. Luckily the cosmos has got your back in 2021. Building a strong foundation is the theme of your year to come. Make a resolution that starts the ball rolling on a big life decision and you’ll get everything you need.

Do… Make the move. Switch up your living situation. Start a renovation project. Heal a rift. Slow down. Find security. Start a family. Know that that family doesn’t have to be traditional. Surround yourself with good people. Expect good news.

Don’t… Get stuck in a rut. Panic. Rush in. Let jealousy win. Conform. Give up hope. Compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel. Think small. Stay scared. Let your past affect your future. Be afraid.

22 November–20 December

It’s time to power up, Sag! You’ve been waiting in the wings for way too long and something you’ve long wanted to say or share is ready for its big reveal. Get ready to take the spotlight in life and love in 2021. Make a resolution straight from the heart, Sagittarius – the more truthful (and nerve-wracking) the better.

Do… Speak the truth. Share your story. Start an Instagram account. Write a book. Say yes to the TED Talk. Go live. Tell someone how you feel. Dream big. Get real. Become who you really are. Step out of the shadows. Study hard. Make life an even bigger adventure.

Don’t… Expect instant success. Just shout louder. Worry if they don’t understand. Stay where you are. Hide your true self. Do what they tell you. Put yourself in a box. Stop learning.

21 December–18 January

Hard work really does pay off, Capricorn! Get used to being on the receiving end when it comes to rewards, accolades and cold hard cash in 2021. Make a resolution that puts your own goals and dreams centre stage and you’ll fly all the way to 2022.

Do… Trust your instincts. Invest. Keep building. Expect better. Learn to receive. Put your dream first. Apply. Ask for the pay rise. Think big. Start the project. Give yourself a break. Step up to the plate. Splash out. Treat yourself. Know your worth.

Don’t… Burn out. Fade away. Give more than you get. Cancel a trip. Neglect a love affair. Blow the lot. Stop trying. Think this is it. Move on too fast. Forget your ultimate goal. Settle for less.

19 January–17 February

This year is all about you, Aquarius! And the December 2020 Great Conjunction in your sign was just the beginning. Whatever you want most out of life (love, freedom, success) is headed your way in 2021. A resolution to shake things up, do things your way and make a difference could pay off big this year.

Do… Stand up for what you believe in. Show people who you really are. Commit to a cause. Create something beautiful. Share your voice. Put your own dream first. Do it your way. Fight for freedom. Expect support. Believe the hype. Start the project. Go for it.

Build someone else’s dream at the expense of your own. Play small. Forget what you stand for. Be afraid. Stay quiet. Ignore injustice. Stop growing. Be surprised when you gather a crowd. Shy away from success. Forget you deserve your big moment.

18 February–19 March

Ditch the self doubt, Pisces – this really is your year! You’ve already proved what’s possible when you believe in magic – don’t stop now! Make this the year your resolutions reflect your highest potential not your deepest fears. It’s time to embrace a brave new world.

Do… Forgive. Forget. Meditate. Prioritise your wellbeing. Get therapy. Talk to friends. Find closure. Change your mind. Be brave. Dress for success. Embrace the spotlight. Remember who you are. Expect the best.

Don’t… Sabotage yourself. Procrastinate. Quit when you’re ahead. Give up on love. Give up on a dream. Over-think it. Worry about other people’s opinions. Ignore your imagination. Say ‘Yes’ when you mean ‘No’. Forget where you came from. Be surprised to see your name up in lights.

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