Here’s how to throw the ultimate virtual hen party

The pros of a virtual hen do over a real-life one is that you’re likely to have way more attendees available right now and organising the logistics of one is going to be way easier than that Whatsapp group you created last year.

Start with a time and date that works for you and the bride-to-be and go from there. Once it’s been decided, confirm the platform (HouseParty, Zoom, Skype or FaceTime?) and begin plotting what you’re actually going to do so you can share it with everyone ahead of time.

So, that hen party you were planning for ages has to be postponed or cancelled in light of social distancing rules? If there’s one thing we’re learning about this whole new world is that, where there is a will, there is a WAY.

Yes, you can still plan something as fun and naughty, all you need to do is grab your laptop/iPad/phone and make it a virtual hen do to remember. From hen games and fancy dress to cocktails and playlists, here’s our guide on how to plan a virtual hen do that the bride-to-be will adore.

Decide on a dress code

If you had already gone to the effort of planning a big pre-wedding weekend, there is no reason why you can’t bring many of the same elements to your virtual bash – and that includes that retro ski theme (you did, after all, go through the hassle of buying that 80s jacket on eBay two months ago). If you’re having to pull a theme together quickly, choose something that everyone will already have in their wardrobes – it could be the bride’s favourite colour, something sparkly or pick a makeup theme instead like feline flicks, bold red lips or 70s blue eyeshadow and glitter galore – there are heaps of opportunities to get creative and a chance to really get into the spirit of it.

Create the perfect playlist

Once you have your dress theme, you might want to start curating a playlist that matches it. Start by building a new playlist on Spotify that you can share with other attendees so there’s a bunch of tracks that appeal to a variety of music tastes – don’t forget what the bride might want too. Slip in some old classics, maybe ones that bring back school or uni days or that wild lets-not-talk-about-it-again night out.

Virtual hen games

What’s a hen party without the games? You can still do the Mr Mrs quiz, just make sure one of you organises the questions to be sent to the groom before it takes place. You could play X-rated bingo too (maybe the kind that you definitely won’t see your gran playing, ever) or Never Have I Ever – even a screen won’t hide the red faces. You might even be able to send everyone penis straws in the post or create a hamper for the bride with all the essentials inside including the very essential sash and bridal glasses. When a friend of mine’s hen do was cancelled, her fiancé decided to dress up as a butler in a buff for the afternoon which caused a flurry of hilarious messages and pictures. Why not rope the bride-to-be’s unsuspecting partner into the fun too? Remember, all normal hen do rules are out the window right now.

A girl’s night in

If you’d rather keep the virtual hen do to a more low-key affair, why not get everyone face-masking? You could watch a film ‘together’ ie – stream the film at the same time, Gogglebox style, order a takeaway from your favourite restaurant (supporting local businesses at the same time) or do a bakeoff competition. Just because you’re social distancing, doesn’t mean things need to be boring.

Incorporate an activity

If you’re looking for a host of activities to fill the time on the virtual hen do, we’ve rounded up all the things you can do in isolation, from virtual wine tasting to indoor scavenger hunts and on-demand pizza parties. You’re welcome.

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