Here’s how, to find a signature fragrance, that truly expresses you

Fragrance is an amazing thing. Just one spritz of perfume and your mind is transported, while the question of “where do I recognise that from?” lingers in the air. Sometimes it’s a memory, other times it’s a place, but every now and again one particular person springs to mind.

If you experience the latter, please, go and give that human a mighty pat on the back, because they. Have. Nailed it. Somehow, in this big wide world of perfume, that individual has found a fragrance that is considered theirs.

Others may borrow it, buy it or try to pass it off as their own, but ultimately, when said scent wafts paste your nose, you know who it belongs to.

Now, don’t fret if you haven’t found The One – a signature scent that truly expresses you. This is selection process that shouldn’t be rushed. When you do find it, you’ll know, and we’re here to help you on that journey.

Two new fragrances that should definitely be considered, especially by those those looking to make a statement are Suede Orris, from £45, and Jasmine Sun Rose, from £45, by Molton Brown.

To command a room with a quiet self-assurance, spritz on Suede Orris – a complex fragrance that’s intriguingly soft and deep. Precious orris root absolute creates a powder-fresh cloud, accented with floral brushstrokes of jasmine and rose, and a honeyed citrus flash. Meanwhile, Jasmine Sun Rose is the choice for those who identify as modern, playful and feminine. In the bottle, sweet yet sophisticated fruity notes surround a fragrant jasmine, osmanthus and rose bouquet, while patchouli and labdanum add a soft, earthy accord at the base.

If its love at first sniff for one of these powerhouse perfumes (our heart can’t be split in two), there’s much more than the eau de toilette to indulge in.

Run a warm bath, adding in a good helping of Exquisite Bathing Oil, £40. Climb in and lavish skin with the silky Bath Shower Gel, £22, before drying off and massaging in Body Lotion, £26. Then envelop your senses in a cloud of Eau de Toilette, £45 for 50ml, and finish with a spritz of Hair Mist, £55. The ultimate fragrance ritual.

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