May 20, 2024

Here’s how to feng shui your house with crystals to totally change your life for the better

Tamara believes that decorating your home with crystals can totally transform your life for the better, helpboost sleepand reduceanxiety. Inspired by feng shui – the ancient Chinese tradition of organising your home to improve energy flow – Tamara has shared her guide to using crystals in your home.

Whether Victoria Beckham is decorating her runway with them or beauty brands are adding them to their serums, crystals are having a major moment RN.

Tamara Driessen is so convinced by the power of crystals that she’s penned an entire book, The Crystal Code: A Modern Guide to Crystal Healing, about their powers.


Lepidolite and Selenite will bring an extra level of zen to your bedroom; these two are a dream team to help you switch off from the day and what’s ahead, so that you can drift off into a deep sleep and wake up feeling fresh. Keep them by your bedside or under your pillow.

Living Room

Crystal clusters are great for bringing harmonising energies to group environments. The clusters are ideal for house shares or busy households to create a communal area where everyone feels calm and gets along nicely. Amethyst is the one for overthinkers and undercover control freaks because it’s also the patron stone of sobriety, helpful if you’re trying to reduce weekday drinking and finding new ways to relax.


Rose Quartz is the famous stone of love, which people often associate with romantic love but the thing is; being adored doesn’t mean a thing if you aren’t feeling yourself. This crystal is the perfect sidekick if you’re navigating your way through self-love and self-care. Keep it in the bathroom so that you can be reminded that you are more than enough, exactly as you are.


If you keep finding yourself easily distracted and you’re a procrastinator, get some Labradorite or Smoky Quartz in your workspace; perhaps keep a piece next to your laptop. Labradorite will help you tune out from comparison and Smoky Quartz will help you to focus and commit to turning your ideas into reality.


Ametrine is a supportive crystal to keep in the kitchen, it may help you reinforce lifestyle changes, overcome addictions and can cultivate a balanced relationship with food.

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