April 17, 2024

Here’s *exactly* what your palm says about your personality, love life

Intrigued? Well, Astrologer and Palmist, Frank Clifford, is sharing his pearls of wisdom via his new book,The Palm Reading Guide. The practical guide explains how Palmistry works and how it applies to your life. Essentially, your destiny is in your hands.

Palm reading has swiftly gained a global cult following with more and more people tuning into their palms to cultivate the life they truly desire. The ancient craft originated in India, spread throughout China, Tibet, Persia and Egypt, and now it’s a mainstay within today’s pop culture. From your character to your love life and career, there’s very little palmistry won’t tell you about your life.

So, do you have a fire, earth, air or water hand? Let’s find out…

Fire Hand

How to Tell: Long palm, shorter fingers, firm hand, deep lines.

Key Attributes: Confident, passionate, impulsive.

Love: Your need for excitement is most apparent in relationships. You seek partners who are pioneers, prepared to push back the boundaries. For you, sex is a natural and necessary way of expressing your feelings. Your need for variety can lead to a seven year itch as you bore easily and crave new challenges. You hate settling down into a fixed routine – predictability will sound the death knell of any relationship.

Personality: You are driven to excitement and adventure. You seek a quest, but life is frustrating when there are no dragons to slay or causes to fight. Faith is an important theme in your life. It motivates you to live life to the fullest, to gamble on hunches and make big leaps that require courage and risk. Energy and enthusiasm are traits that you have in abundance.

Work: For you, a job needs to be a calling. You need enlightening work that you feel passionate about. Often money is a means to an end, and you prefer glory and acclaim over financial security. You thrive in a job that puts you centre stage. You can inspire others but should avoid careers such as politics and the law in which diplomacy and patience are prerequisites.

Earth Hand

How to Tell: Square palm, short fingers, very firm or fleshy hand, deep lines.

Key Attributes: Practical, logical, honest.

Love: You are a loyal and dependable partner who offers security and comfort. Expressing your emotional needs may be tough, so you may sometimes feel lonely or misunderstood. You should learn to articulate your physical and emotional needs more. Partners will benefit from understanding that financial security is important to you, and that you need to establish foundations before you can venture forth, make a move or take risks.

Personality: You succeed by applying yourself systematically, working hard and planning ahead. You are intent on constructing a firm foundation for your future. Taking risks is usually for others: you hate to waste time, money or energy. Creature comforts are important and you are motivated by financial reward, which gives you the security you crave. You strive for routine and a predictable, manageable world.

Work: Never one to believe something without seeing it for yourself, you like to learn from hands-on application and first-hand experience. You work practically and methodically to absorb new concepts. Work that gets you back in touch with the physical realm, such as building, cooking and gardening, will be therapeutic and give you results that you can see. Try to avoid a build-up of stress, learn to unwind and express yourself through physical activity.

Air Hand

How to Tell: Square palm, long fingers, long or clear lines.

Key Attributes: Expressive, curious, logical.

Love: Partners soon discover that, although you have bags of charm and a quick wit, you sometimes need to disengage from them. Ideas, observations and discussions are more interesting to you than emotional dramas, so you need a partner who fires up your mind and is not afraid of a healthy argument to clear the air. You may be forced to probe your deeper emotions, which you usually keep safely locked away.

Personality: You are a ‘Peter Pan’, full of youthful enthusiasm and curiosity. You seek to understand life and are motivated by finding answers. New ideas are constantly on the horizon, but trying to juggle them all could lead to little being accomplished. Set clear, realistic goals but keep a variety of avenues open. Putting pressure on yourself to be all things to all people will cause nervous tension and irritability.

Work: For you, your work needs to be stimulating and teach you things you never knew. A career in the communication fields is perfect, and whether you write, teach, sell or work with computers, you will always have your phone and diary to hand. You will likely do a number of jobs (often at the same time) but your challenge is to produce concrete results and stay in one position long enough to really make your mark.

Water Hand

How to Tell: Long palm, long fingers, soft hands, delicate or numerous fine lines.

Key Attributes: Intuitive, sensitive, emotional.

Love: Protect yourself against negative, needy people who can pull you down and chip away at your self-confidence. Sometimes you find it easy to lose yourself in relationships, to take the form that your partner wishes rather than standing firm. But who’s really controlling whom? You have a strong need to make emotional contact with a partner and this can make you manipulative as well as malleable. Sooner or later you will realise that you can share yourself without giving up your identity or trying to force others to change.

Personality: You feel things more deeply than most and are able to tap into your emotions as well as the emotional state of others. You have a strong need to understand hidden motivations, raw emotions and life’s mysteries. You are a sensitive, impressionable, nurturing and caring friend. Your biggest challenge is to fight your own self-doubt and pessimism. You must also learn to ask others for help directly rather than resorting to emotional blackmail.

Work: This is satisfying only when you are receiving an emotional response from others. You need to serve, advise and support, so any caring profession would be ideal. All types of healing appeal to you, whether it is as a counsellor or building a bridge of understanding between opposing parties. Fashion and artistic work also attract your eye. Whatever your job, you bring sensitivity, empathy and understanding to your position.

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