July 18, 2024

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about getting eyelash extensions

Where do we stand on eyelash extensions? A former colleague had the most stunning lashes, as thick, curvy and bouncing as Joan Collins’ Dynasty wig, and I was genuinely shocked when I found out they were fake.

But it never occurred to me to give them a go because, frankly, I find getting nail designs done to be too much of a chore, and the idea of having individual false lashes applied was a nightmare.

Eyelash extensions have been doing the rounds for *years*, but like shaving your face for makeup application or contouring with false tan (i. e. tantouring), they’ve always felt like something that’s a bit extra.

That said, when the chance came up, I leapt at it. And oh my God, I FELL IN LOVE! Behold the joy of my lashes.

Ridiculous, right? And realistic looking! Let us rewind.

I have long lashes but they are also basically invisible due to my redhead colouring, as well as being very fine and poker straight. I’ve tried tinting and that really hasn’t done anything at all. What I wanted was to channel my inner Elizabeth Taylor; sleepily sultry.

My consultant Emma Apps recommended we pick Lash Perfect’s multi-length Russian layering technique but go towards the lighter end of the application spectrum. The treatment (£180) takes two hours, but an hour-long treatment (£90) would keep my eyes looking natural, while still impressive. .

So, what happens? Well, you’re parked on the usual bed, and then you have gel pads stuck – gently! – underneath your eyes to keep your lower lashes out of the way. This isn’t uncomfortable, you just feel a bit weird.

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Then the application begins and you keep your eyes shut. If you’ve got any experience of yoga whatsoever, this will come in handy for keeping your mind calm rather than thinking “God I’m bored of looking at the inside of my eyes. ”

Emma was fantastic at keeping me entertained (and still), and it was so incredibly worth it when I opened my eyes and saw the results. My lashes were perfect. Thanks to having the lighter treatment, they didn’t look remotely artificial, and were weighted exactly to my style, colouring and general look. I honestly haven’t gasped when looking at myself in the mirror before – I did here.

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When it comes to aftercare, you need to keep your eyes away from water for 24 hours and you absolutely cannot go near oil while you’ve got them on. I learned this about four days after getting them done when I absent-mindedly slapped on some night time facial oil. I kept it well away from my eyes, but must have rubbed them in the night, because half the lashes had come off come morning.

Luckily, I’ve had them redone – this is usually called a maintenance, or top-up treatment, and costs £50 – but for heaven’s sake, if you do get this fabulous treatment done, then go for water-based creams instead.

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