Here’s Every Game in Squid Game, and How to Come Out on Top Every Time

Netflix’s Squid Game is barreling toward becoming Netflix’s most-watched show, a pleasant surprise for director Hwang Dong Hyuk, who spent 10 years struggling to pitch the show before Netflix finally picked it up.

For those who haven’t gotten around to seeing the series, the story centers around main protagonist Seong Gi-hun as he competes against 455 fellow low-income players in a series of children’s games for a huge cash prize. While each victory puts the players closer to the top, they must be willing to put their lives down as collateral.

The games featured in Squid Game range from taking a shape out of dalgona candy without breaking it to classics like tug of war and Red Light, Green Light. If you’re looking for explanations on how these games work, and how to win each of them, read ahead for all the tips and tricks we learned from the show.

Squid Game viewers have spotted a hidden detail in the first episode that literally changes *everything*

There’s no doubt that since Squid Game hit Netflix on September 17, it’s been the show on everyone’s minds. For anyone that hasn’t seen the show (maybe you’ve been hiding under a rock? Stuck in a social media blackout? Idk), let’s catch you up.

The premise is pretty straightforward – 456 players, who owe massive amounts of debt, are forced to compete in a selection of deadly children’s games for the chance to win 45.6 billion (around £23.2 million). Granted, whilst it doesn’t sound the most cheerful, it is wildly watchable and keeps you on the edge of your seat – think Hunger Games 2.0.

However, having binged the series, some eagle-eyed Squid Game viewers have spotted a hidden detail hiding in plain sight. One social media user wrote: “they had the answer to ‘what’s the next game’ the whole time”. Intriguing.

Prepare yourselves for this. Allegedly, the drawings of every game the contestants play can be spotted on the dormitory walls from the very. first. episode. In other words, as characters start to lose and their beds are removed from the room, it reveals a blueprint for the remaining games, in chronological order. Madness! It might have made the ultimate test of survival of the fittest that much easier, no? Certainly, it could have given the contestants a bit of warning before the dreaded glass bridge challenge. One person made a fair point by tweeting “As if nobody ever noticed the drawings on the wall when they’re holed up there the whole day.” The magic of television I guess?

Hidden clues or not, this dystopian thriller is set to become Netflix’s most streamed show, overtaking the beloved lockdown binge-watchable Bridgerton. As IMDb suggests, “It’s all fun and games – until it isn’t.”

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