July 18, 2024

Here’s an extra large CHEERS to the weekend! !

Decided to give y’all an extra large Cheers this week. Why? Maybe it’s cause I have a lot of pictures backed up and don’t think I’ll ever get through them all. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a few and just kept adding photos.

Who’s to say? Either way, as always crack one open, check out our new Brewtality tee, and most importantly spread the good word of PBR and have a blue ribbon weekend!

As always, send in all your best boozy photos via iChive, OR you can ALSO send pics in through our iPhone or Android apps to get featured on the site!

When it comes down to our drinks, we don’t play no games here at theCHIVE. Crack open a few cans and finish ’em with the all-new Brewtality tee. If not, you might just open a can of whoop-ass. Snag yours RIGHT HERE!

I tried this over New Years, check out how I did.

Will never forgive my friend for filming that on snapchat and not, you know, the crazy expensive phone with a 4K camera.

Let’s just end it with a bunch of girls, shall we?

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