June 17, 2024

Here’s 10 fascinating things you didn’t know about Maya Jama

She’s a comedic genius, all-round beauty icon and slaying the fashion industry with her first foray into design. Oh, Maya Jama, what did we do to deserve you?

The TV presenter and girlfriend of Stormzy also happens to be the star of AW18 hair shoot, which is on sale NOW – race you to the newsstand?

To celebrate Maya’s shoot, we grilled her on all things beauty, wellness and body positivity. Plus, the star shares ten fascinating things you didn’t know about her in this video…

I took beauty inspiration from the girls at school

“My earliest beauty memory was trying to do eyeliner at home in my mum’s bathroom in Bristol. I’d seen all the girls doing liquid eyeliner at school and it was my favourite thing ever but the hardest thing to master in the world. I sat myself in the bathroom for hours with a face wipe wiping it off and redoing it until I could get a cat eye; that was the first bit of makeup I actually learnt how to do properly. My top tip? If you get a baby wipe around your nail then you can shape the end to get a perfect flick.

“My mum has always been quite natural with her makeup; she’ll do bronzer, mascara and eyebrows but she didn’t really experiment and I couldn’t use her makeup because. Girls in school taught me more; we’d all watch how somebody had done theirs and copy it and sit in class talking about bronzer. ”

Maya Jama just confirmed why she’s our ultimate style crush

The quirky beauty hacks I swear by

“I swear by putting cold spoons, ice or freezing peas under my eyes when they’re puffy. After I shower before bed, I douse myself in coconut oil and wake up as smooth as a baby.

“I’m a Kiehls’ girl; they’ve got a spot eraser that’s amazing. I’ve been putting cucumber on my face because most face creams I see have cucumber extract so I just wipe it on my face. ”

To me, wellness means being happy

“My wellness regime is trying to get as much sleeping despite being all over the gaffe. I’m just having a good time and I feel like that’s wellness – being happy and not putting too much pressure on myself or working to the bone. ”

Maya Jama just got super candid about living with anxiety

I want to focus on charity work going forward

“I want to do more charity stuff, either going places to help out or benefit other people. I’ve spent so much time on work to be where I am that I can dedicate more time to giving back. ”

What beauty means to me…

“Beauty means having a good energy and aura and treating people how you want to be treated. Being a nice person is beautiful. You could be the most stunning thing in the world and if you have a bad personality, it deletes your good looks anyway. The same with the other way, if someone’s not your type at all but they’ve got such a lovely way about them, you think they’re the most attractive thing in the world. Beauty is from within, as cliché as it is. ”

My best advice for someone dealing with beauty anxiety and trolls

“If it’s not something you can change, then deal with it and embrace it. If it is something you can change then only do it if you can be bothered, if you can’t, then f*** it. ”

Words to live by, if ever we read them.

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