Here’s what you need to know to perfect the pedicure

We spoke to Beauty Expert and founder of one of London’s most popular nail bars, Nails Brows Mayfair, to get the lowdown on all of the pedicure tips and hacks to keep in mind, whether you’re treating yourself to a salon session or doing them yourself at home.

Whether it’s for a special occasion, holiday or simply just a self-care kind of day, pedicures can make you feel that little bit more polished (excuse the pun!).

What is a traditional pedicure?

A pedicure is a great way to ensure you look after your feet. A traditional pedicure treatment includes a foot bath where the feet are soaked and cleansed in warm, soapy water to soften the skin. Toenails are trimmed and filed square, cuticles tidied, hard skin removed from the heels and the soles of the feet before gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin followed by a gentle foot massage and finished with a lick of polish.

What’s the trick to getting the perfect pedicure at home?

I would recommend removing old nail polish and trimming the toenails into a square shape before soaking the feet in Epsom salt to relieve soreness and inflammation. Give the feet a good scrub to remove dry, hard skin and then massage with a good body oil. During winter months, I’d recommend skipping nail polish for the toenails to breath.

What do we need to know about choosing different finishes?

A matte or glossy gel finish all comes from the top coat. Selecting the right top coat will ensure your polish dries quickly and lasts longer but it will also deliver the glossy or matte finish you’re after.

Do pedicures have a therapeutic purpose, as well as cosmetic?

Whist pedicures are often seen as a cosmetic treatment, therapeutic pedicures are also widely available for more complex foot issues like ingrown toenails and skin conditions. These are often referred to a Medical Pedicures.

How long do pedicures usually take to do in store?

A traditional pedicure is 45 minutes.

How long do pedicures last for?

Pedicures usually last between 4 to 6 weeks.

We always recommend that our clients have their toenails cut and filed straight to prevent ingrown toenails. Reds are the most requested colours at our boutique but in the autumn/winter months some of our clients experiment with deep browns hues.

What do some of your customers love about getting pedicures?

Our clients always comment that they love having their feet soaked, massaged and left looking pretty and feeling soft.

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