Here Are the Exact Beauty Products Meghan Markle Uses

We’ve now spent over a decade admiring Kate Middleton’s effortless approach to makeup and hoarding the products she reportedly loves (feel old yet?).

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially engaged, we’re just as interested in learning what lives in the Suits actress’s beauty bag.

Fact: it’s impossible for Meghan to look anything less than perfect. From her positively glowing skin to her trademark long, wavy hair, the perhaps future duchess certainly looks the part of a royal. And, as Today reported, that Markle approach to makeup is actually pretty affordable.

In fact, you may already have a pack of her go-to cleansing wipes at home.

And if you want to smell like her (hey, do you), you won’t have to shell out nearly $200 as you would to replicate Princess Diana’s signature scent. No, it costs a mere $14 to emulate eau de Meghan. Ahead, find out exactly how you can do that, along with other makeup, hair, and skincare products that she’s put her royal seal of approval on.

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