April 17, 2024

Here are the coolest pieces to inject the bold, bright 1970s into your space

The ’70s called and they want their interiors back. Their flower power wall art, retro oak dressing tables, and their brightly-coloured glass trinkets. The mushroom lamps, the patterned wallpaper, and the unapologetically colourful upholstered furniture.

These motifs have stepped right out of the mid-century of late, making a home on the TikTok and Instagram feeds of your favourite interiors influencers. Yep: ’70s homewares are experiencing a renaissance right now – and we’re not mad about it.

There was much to be adored in the ’70s. Everyone waltzed around on roller skates, tube socks reigned supreme, Disco was Queen, and the interior choices were bold. ’70s style was a bit of a free-for-all. There were no rules, and for many, the decade marked a shift in mentality: your home could, actually, be fun.

Sure, the only inspiration we’ve taken from the ’70s thus far has been house plants and the odd injection of burnt orange… but slowly and surely, the ’70s interior trend is being welcomed back with open arms. That boldness, vibrancy and mood-boosting ability it harbours is something we all want a piece of post-pandemic.

For some, it’s the play on textures, shapes and colours that makes ’70s homewares so attractive. Others love the fact that ’70s homewares allow them to inject personality into their homes in a way that modern, Scandinavian-inspired themes just can’t. Sure, the clean lines and muted colour palettes of more recent trends are chic, but bold use of colour comes with a certain charm. We’re realising the energy and positivity that colour gives to us – and we’re making moves towards it.

Elsewhere, the low-lighting of the 1970s ties in with our pandemic-induced (and winter-prompted) desire for cosiness, while ’70s homewares also marry up with our continued commitment to sustainability. Whether you’re recycling, buying second-hand or vintage, crocheting your own blanket, or DIY’ing a macramé feature piece, the ’70s interior trend will encourage you to shop small and be a bit kinder to Mother Earth. Tick, tick, tick.

If you want to try injecting a little bit of flower power into your home yourself, remember you *don’t* have to go full steam ahead. Try mixing different styles of furniture together, injecting a little more colour and starting small with retro-inspired vases, cushions and candles. Oh, and shop our pick of the coolest ’70s-inspired interiors down below.

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