Here are 6 amazing sex toys that you can buy on Amazon Prime

Granted, you can pick up pretty much everything your beauty cabinet/book shelf/kitchen cupboard would ever need in one fell swoop – from a top-up of your favourite Baebody Retinol moisturiser to this bum-toning resistance band set.

And Amazon Prime gets everything delivered to your door the VERY NEXT DAY.

But it can be tricky to know where to start. Does everything come from a reputable seller? Why are there 639329 options that all look the same? Which of these products will offer me best value for money?

Shopping on Amazon can be a bit of a minefield. Unless, of course, you’re five glasses of wine down – in which case it’s a thrilling experience which leaves hungover you with all manner of surprises to look forward to.

Take their best sex toys section, for example. (Yep, you read right: the one-stop shop for everything is a treasure trove of sex toys to boot). There are hundreds upon hundreds of pages of vibrators, lubes, wands and dildos, so it can seem a little overwhelming and, well… off-putting. But it’s not the act of using a self-care that’s putting you off, right? ‘Cos we already know investing in your sex life is the ultimate act of self-care. So, the sheer volume of product must be the reason you’ve avoided things thus far.

Enter: our edit of the very best sex toys that you can order (on next day delivery) with Amazon Prime. We’ve sifted through their entire sex toy offering to find 6 of the best products with excellent (albeit hilarious, on occasion) customer reviews – from some big names in the wellness industry like LELO and Satisfyer.

So, whether you’re single or taken, join the millions of other millennial women who are investing in sex toys for the sake of their physical and mental health and sift through this lot. New levels of pleasure are just a click away.

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