June 22, 2024

Here are 20 hidden gems on BBC iPlayer you’ve probably never heard of

Okay, this may not have been a secret to you. But when you scroll through our below pick of the best hidden gems on iPlayer, we bet there’s a lot you haven’t seen.

So, bookmark this page, and when you’re next wondering what to watch on TV and there doesn’t seem to be anything new taking your fancy, you know you’ve got 20 binge-worthy series to choose from.

But what we discovered during a recent sofa-surfing session was that there’s a whole universe of untapped entertainment gold on the streaming platform – absolutely tons of series spanning decades that slipped completely under the radar, didn’t amass the viewing figures they deserved, or that you simply may have missed first time round.

We have recently stumbled upon one of the best-kept secrets of modern society, which we are now choosing to share with you guys. The secret is this: there are a sh*tload of TV shows on BBC iPlayer.

Wait, bear with us here. This may not strike you as particularly surprising, given that iPlayer is an on-demand streaming service for TV shows.

Take 2018’s Taken Down, a gripping crime drama in which the death of a young Nigerian migrant exposes the exploitation of vulnerable immigrants to Dublin police. You’ll be hooked from start to finish.

Or, if documentaries are more your thing, we can’t get enough of The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty. It was only released in July and was a hit with critics, but perhaps the reason you may not have heard of it is because the docu-series genre has been so dominated by Netflix in recent years. Poor old BBC.

So, no more rewatching Fleabag or Killing Eve for the sixtieth time. Let’s get stuck into some secretly stellar TV shows…

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