April 20, 2024

Here are 10 ways to ensure you’re the most confident

Christie’s Global Head of Strategic Partnerships has published her first book, The Most Powerful Woman in the Room is You: Command an Audience and Sell Your Way to Success, and it will instil in you all the confidence you’ve ever longed for.

Looking for a summer read that will leave you feeling empowered AF? Enter Lydia Fenet.

In The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You, Lydia takes you on her twenty-year journey from intern to managing director and global head of strategic partnerships at Christie’s Auction House. Lydia shares the revolutionary sales approach she has crafted over the years that has not only shaped her career, but helped her raise more than half a billion dollars for nonprofits around the world.

This, she promises, is an approach that will empower you to sell your way to success in business and in life. She maintains that her book will show you how to take your career to the next level, whether it’s overcoming your fear of asking for something or bridging a wage gap. Yaaas.

To mark the launch of her new book, we asked her to share 10 simple ways to ensure you walk into any room with the confidence of a leader and motivate others to find their voice as well.

Use your strike method

Whenever I get onstage I bang down my gavel three times to get the attention of the people in front of me before delivering a well rehearsed line to capture the attention of the audience in front of me. If you are in a big meeting or pitch, or even walking into a party where you don’t know anyone, get rid of your nerves by nailing down a killer opening line. The best ones flow naturally and make you immediately comfortable.

Dress for battle

Make sure you wear something that makes you feel confident and in command. It will give you a layer of armour you need to succeed.

Get informed. Quickly.

Every major news source has a highlights section these days. A quick glance at headline news before walking into any event will give you a quick start if the conversation stalls.

Charm is a universal language

Never forget the importance of a smile when you walk into a room of unfamiliar faces.

Look at your cheering section!

Whenever I go onstage I always try to remember that the audience wants me to succeed. The same came be said for any room you walk into in life. No one wants you to feel uncomfortable so give them a chance to help you by letting them know that you are feeling nervous.

Do a little digging

Whenever possible, try to find out a little bit about the people you will be meeting so you seem well informed. Try to pick one thing that you can mention during a conversation which will show that you did your research.

Shake off your nerves

If you are nervous about meeting people, ask questions. People love a good listener!

Confidence is infectious

Be the person in the room who introduces people. A confident person loves to network and realises that being the connector is as much fun as meeting people yourself.

Own your power

Be confident in yourself and realise that the image you portray is the one that people in front of you will believe.

If every tip on this list seems too difficult or intimidating, just do what all the greats do until they make it big. Fake it until you make it!

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