Everyone on Reddit is going wild for this £8 Japanese brow gel

Don’t get us wrong. We love our trusty Glossier Boy Brow, Blink Brow Build and Benefit Gimme Brow gels. That said, we’ve long been after something a little more purse-friendly.

Finding a brow product that *genuinely* keeps your eyebrows in place from dawn ‘til dusk is a pretty difficult task. Some products lack in colour pay-off, some smudge and others just don’t match the shade of your eyebrows full stop. So what’s a girl to do?

And thanks to Japanese beauty brand Canmake, our search for a budget (and actually good) eyebrow gel may be over. Nope, we didn’t expect Japan to be home to our next makeup bag favourite, either.

Canmake’s Lasting Multi Brow Coat has gone viral over the past few weeks thanks to beauty obsessives on Reddit. They’ve been singing its praises and then some, and our ears pricked up immediately.

People started talking about it earlier this week, when one user described it as the “Mother of Holy Grails”. How could we ignore a comment like that?!

The user, who goes by the name of u/feathereddinos, explained that she had never before found a product which worked quite so well for her brows (which are barely there and need a helping hand most mornings).

“I’ve tried pomades, brow pencils, powders, you name it, and EVERYTHING fades, gets super patchy or rubs away super easily,” she wrote about her new love. She added: “I brush this princess shit on and MY EYEBROWS STAY. THE WHOLE. FREAKIN. DAY. Even through cuddle sessions!!!!!! I am AMAZEDDDDDDDD.”

Hundreds of other users upvoted her review, and added their own praise for the wonder product. One said: “Basically, eyebrows or not, it gives a transparent coat to any product you’re wearing underneath and stops it from rubbing off or transferring. It’s a thin, watery liquid, and it also holds your brow hairs in place once dry.”

Another added: “It looks like a nail polish applicator and it’s a transparent, thin gel and anything you put it over STAYS. I put it over concealer to hide a giant bruise and it stayed the whole time!!”

The user was right in pointing out the bottle’s similarity to nail polish. It comes in a cute Barbie-pink bottle and boasts a paintbrush applicator rather than a spoolie wand (may be it’s the way forward?).

You’d be forgiven for assuming the paintbrush wand might coat your brows in too much product, but users have assured us that’s far from the case. Featherreddinos said that once the brow gel dries, it feels like you have nothing on! Ideal.

Are you ready for the best part? This brow gel goes for just £8.29 on YesStyle, so you can pick it up and give it a whirl without having to hang on ’til payday. What are you waiting for?

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