This Photographer Did a Maternity Shoot With French Bulldogs

Dog mom Cozette is captured on camera reading from What to Expect While You’re Expecting and showing off a flowing tulle skirt, while also posing alongside the dad, Bordeaux.

She even got the signature “hand-heart on stomach” pose down, with a full pregnancy glow.

Help! My heart was unprepared for the absolute cuteness (and adorable silliness) of this maternity shoot with French bulldogs. Texas photographer Cristal Malek gifted humanity with sweet snaps of Bordeaux and Cozette – two soon-to-be puppy parents – in a series of poses reserved for traditionally dramatic pictures.

Congrats are in order for the little Frenchie parents, since Cozette recently gave birth to three female pups. Something tells me they’re equally precious and deserving of their own photo shoot. Luckily, Cristal was there yet again.

See all the photos from Cozette and Bordeaux’s maternity session, and make sure to check out their joint Instagram account. Life is so much better with cute pets in it.

If Your Dog Eats Like They’ll Never See Food Again, These Are the Best Slow Feeders on Amazon

For whatever reason, many dogs eat like they’re not sure when they’ll see food again, which isn’t great for their digestion. Enter: slow-feeder bowls, toys, and mats that can help them to eat slower, digest better, and maybe, just maybe, stop eating when they’re full (probably not, though; have you met a dog?).

Perfect for the dogs – and cats! – who love to eat and do so way too fast, these bowls feature rubber nubs, puzzle elements, and more to make chomping through food a little bit more mindful and rewarding. Good for their bellies, and in some cases – where puzzles and slow-release toys are concerned – good for their brains!

Scroll through for some of the best slow-feeding bowls, toys, and mats available on Amazon.

Good Boy Golden Retriever Sees Grandma at the Other End of the Park, and His Reaction is Pure Love

Grandma surprised doggo at the park. I don’t even know how he spotted her but his reaction was priceless. from aww

All dog breeds have characteristics that are specific to them. Some love to hunt, others love to be independent and explore on their own. The Golden Retriever, in addition to being a mild tempered and sweet dog, is a retriever at its core – it’s in the name after all – so it’s always supersweet to see them behave in ways that are instinctual.

One dog in particular is showing the world just what a good sense of smell this breed has. In a now-viral post shared to Reddit, @StarskytheGoldie is seen happily playing with a toy at the park.

But then – what’s that, doggo? – he smells something off in the distance, spins around, gallops toward the scent, and then immediately switches gears into a full-on sprint when he recognizes that it’s grandma up ahead. “Grandma surprised doggo at the park. I don’t even know how he spotted her but his reaction was priceless,” the Reddit caption reads. What a good boy!

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