Zara just relaunched the viral Katie Holmes-style ‘bra-digan’ set

French fashion influencer Camille Charriere shared on Instagram that she is “Srsly obsessed; fashion points for matching bra to cardie, knit thickness, and 90s brown mani and lips; bonus zero f**** given points for having only fastened one button and back-to-front handbag.” We couldn’t agree more.
While she was never far from the fashion world’s radar, Katie Holmes propelled herself to the very forefront of sartorial consciousness last August when she was nonchalantly papped wearing a matching knitted bra and cardigan by brand-of-the-moment Khaite.

The photos went instantly viral, with fashion fans declaring it the style moment of the year… some (we) even went so far as to declare it the street style look of the decade.

Sure enough, Zara quickly leapt on the hype and launched a perfect pale brown knitted two-piece entirely reminiscent of the viral look. And, unsurprisingly, it sold out in minutes, with fans flocking to social media to show-off their speedily snapped up purchase – almost always worn just off one shoulder à la Katie herself.
But it’s sold out, we hear you cry. So why are we teasing you so?

Well, providing us all with the 2020 fashion gift to beat even the bluest of January blues, our best friends Zara just relaunched the knitted set in an even more heavenly hue of mottled burgundy/brown.

The even better news? It now comes complete with high-waisted shorts. A FULL LOOK.

We truly cannot get enough.

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With the bra selling for £15.99, the cardigan for £25.99, and the shorts for £19.99, you can snap up the full look for £61.97 (if you’re quick!).

Considering many of us occasionally drop more than that on a single dress, we think that the 3-piece look offers up more than enough versatility to prove worth the pounds.

Just don’t buy yours before we do. We’re predicting that this one will sell-out even quicker that the last…
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