June 17, 2024

Healthy Individualism

It seems that the main problem of a resident of a metropolis is the lack of time. First of all, for yourself. Have you ever wondered why in developed countries the percentage of people who are overweight is growing by leaps and bounds?

The reason is all in the same time-saving. The middle class does a lot of work, spends a lot of time on the road and at the end of a tiring day at the end of a tiring day, they just can not afford to prepare diet food. About “snacks” at work and what we have beautifully called “business lunch” in the nearest diner to the office, it’s better not to remember at all.

That is why the purification programs have been so popular in the last decade both in the West and in Russia. Seven to ten days – and you are again beautiful outside and inside, cheerful, active and ready for new achievements.

An individual approach to health and beauty issues – an advertising slogan or a real opportunity?

The problem is that in the present situation, few people can afford to leave the labor front even for a week. Is there a way out of this vicious circle? It can be found in the medical center “Effect”, already more than seven years specializing in programs for body cleansing and weight reduction. So, we set ourselves the task – to put ourselves in order, that is, to get rid of excess weight, to cleanse the body, but not to fall out of the working schedule. As the administrator of the “Effect” tells, for those who can not get out of work even for a few days, a special program is developed.

Procedures are divided into two blocks – morning and evening, and they are selected individually, based on medical indications (a full medical examination is an obligatory part of the program, your stay begins at the medical center), and are distributed in such a way, that in the morning you go through procedures that increase tone, and by nine o’clock, boiling with energy, you come to work (the journey from the hospital to the center of Novosibirsk takes about 20 minutes, you can get both by personal transport and by taxi), and in the evening you come back from work, enjoy the procedures relaxing, relaxing, and go to bed. All this time you are under the supervision of a doctor who monitors your health.

However, if for someone the main thing is not to drop out of the working schedule, then for others the main problem is the inability to spend the night in a hospital. Most often, these are the mothers of young children, eager to part with the excess weight gained for pregnancy. In the afternoon, a grandmother or a nanny can remain with the baby, but in the evening the presence of the mother of the family of the house is simply necessary. For them, too, can be selected a special program – without residence. This, by the way, will also save a lot on the cost of the chamber.

The schedule of the procedures is made individually, taking into account all the wishes of the patient, and the young mother, the busy businessman or businesswoman, and the one who could fully devote a week to caring for himself, will have the opportunity to build it as convenient as possible for himself and his loved ones.

Another possibility provided by the “Effekt” medical center for those who want to not only cleanse the body but also improve the figure is the opportunity to separately take a course of such procedures as hydro-massage, Charcot’s shower, cryotherapy, aromatherapy with oxygen. The results of these procedures are visible almost immediately, and with the approach of summer, their demand is growing by leaps and bounds. In addition, in the “Effect” you can consult a doctor who will pick up for you an individual program that can cope with the exciting problem – be it cellulite or extra centimeters at the waist. In the “Effect” you have the opportunity to go through these procedures at a time convenient for you, without wasting time waiting for – the qualification of the personnel of the medical center guarantees this to you.

Each of us considers himself a bright person, worthy of attention and respect. That’s why almost every organization declares the phrase “individual approach”. However, in practice this often comes down to advertising. So it’s more pleasant to find a place where words do not differ from the case. In the medical center “Effect” an individual approach is manifested in every detail, and in the most important. All procedures are assigned to the patient individually – based on the results of a complete medical examination, as well as its schedule and financial capabilities. And even if there are any problems or additional wishes, the staff of the clinic will solve all these issues in a matter of minutes

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