The women behind the Kim Kardashian-approved Jet Lag face mask reveal

The brainchild of beauty influencers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores Ireland, Summer Fridays’ rise to fame began with a very pretty (and very Instagrammable) pastel blue tube.

Popping up on Instagram feeds across the world, it seemed to be the only product that the beauty community wanted to talk about.

When Kim Kardashian West speaks, we listen. Whether she’s raving about a lip balm or a foundation, the likelihood is, it’s going to sell out. And that’s exactly what happened in March 2018 when skincare brand Summer Fridays launched its debut product, the Jet Lag mask, in the US.

After Kim took to Instagram to declare her love for the face mask, retailers couldn’t keep up with the demand. It sold out multiple times across all of its retailers and became an international bestseller. When Summer Fridays announced it was planning to launch in the UK a few months later, Jet Lag garnered a waiting list of thousands.

Now, one year and two new launches later, Summer Fridays has made a name for itself as one of beauty’s go-to mask brands with only three products under its belt, and the hype isn’t dying down.

Ideal for beating exhaustion and injecting some life into stressed-out, tired complexions, Jet Lag has become a travel essential for jet-setters across the land.

Ahead of further plans for expansion (and total world domination), we chat to the duo behind the mask that promises to make travelling that little bit easier and reveal the summer skincare tips they swear by…

Travelling can be exhausting

Marianna: Before we started Summer Fridays, we were both bloggers. We were testing so many products and a lot of them were falling short of the things we loved. I was travelling a lot, too. I was so busy flying, I was constantly jet-lagged. Lauren was also a new mum, so between the two of us we were totally exhausted, and that’s why the Jet Lag mask was born – to get rid of that feeling.

Washing your face is the most important beauty ritual

Lauren: I have oily skin so I never go a night without washing my face, and I always make sure my face is clean before a flight too.

M: One of my biggest beauty tips is to always wash your face before you go to sleep, and make sure you are really removing your makeup. When you wake up in the morning you want to make sure your pores aren’t clogged. I never travel with makeup on, either. I prefer to keep a bare face so that I can reapply my skincare mid-fight.

Planes can seriously dry skin out

L: My biggest beauty tip is to hydrate. Because my skin is oily, I used to be so afraid of using moisturiser. But when I became better at hydrating my skin, my complexion starting looking clearer and it helped keep the breakouts and fine lines away. Now, I travel with a rose water mist that can be applied on-the-go to help boost my post-flight glow. I also drink a lot of water while I’m travelling to avoid dehydration and try to skip any indulgent sweets to keep my energy levels high.

Multi-use products are great

M: Because humidity really drops on a plane, I do everything I can to combat dehydrated skin. That’s why the Jet Lag mask is so great – it acts as a barrier between your skin and circulated airplane air. You can use it as a face mask, a moisturiser (when rubbed in fully), an eye cream and even a primer. I also always pack an RMS Lip2Cheek tint in my in-flight beauty bag – it’s perfect for a quick pick-me-up when I need a little colour on my face before landing.

L: I use Jet Lag in a number of ways, but most often I use it as a day and night moisturiser. One of the best tricks is to keep the tube in the fridge or in ice. That way it goes on cool in the morning and helps with de-puffing the under eyes.

Sleep is essential

M: Two of my must-pack plane items make sure I get a good sleep. I try and always sleep on the time zone of the destination that I am heading to. To make sure I get a good sleep on the plane I take sleep vitamins and pack a Slip Silk Eye Mask. The eye mask is so comfortable to wear on a flight and helps me get a full night sleep so that I can arrive on schedule.

SPF can’t be skipped

L: My daily skincare regime is made up of cleansing, some sort of vitamin C serum, Jet Lag as a moisturiser and I always follow up with an SPF. I also love a daily facial mist for an added boost of hydration. In the evening, I typically add in a rose oil and then leave Jet Lag on as an overnight mask.

M: In LA where the duo live we have the best weather. It’s like we get to experience summer all year long – we are so lucky. I always travel with SPF on too. UV rays still come through plane windows!

The beauty industry should work on being more sustainable

L: I think the beauty industry as a whole could be doing better to tackle sustainability. It’s becoming more and more important. An increasing number of people don’t want wasteful packaging. What is it for? It is so important to us to create products in packaging that doesn’t cause any unnecessary waste. The concept of clean beauty is also incredibly important to both of us.

M: I don’t think you can copy what another brand is doing, you have to be true to who you are and include the ingredients you want to include. Because we wanted products that were both clean and effective, we worked off a strict list. We have always had that brand ethos, but just because a brand sees another brand following trendy ingredients doesn’t mean they have to do it too, especially if it’s not who they truly are.

We travel all over the world

L: Bora Bora is my ultimate vacation spot. It feels worlds away, yet so inviting. The clear waters, fresh foods and calm beaches make it my family’s happy place. I love the Amalfi Coast too.

M: Paris is always a good time, no matter what time of the year. In the spring it feels romantic and in the winter it’s so festive. But St Tropez is one of my favourite vacation destinations in Europe. The shopping, the beaches, the restaurants – they’re the best.

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