These are the hottest oil-free moisturisers on the market

The importance of moisturising your skin relies on the fact that there are many essential nutrients and fatty acids that our skin lacks, particularly the upper layers. A moisturiser simply restores all of this for us and keeps our skin happy, hydrated and glowing.

Now, in this day and age, we have actually come to learn a little more about hydration and how this is in fact, a separate step in our skincare routine, though most people choose to combine this with their moisturising step, which is still perfectly fine.

The benefits to moisturising your skin are endless, yet, still overlooked. People usually assume that moisturisers will clog the pores, trigger an outbreak or exacerbate oily skin. This is certainly not the case.

If you still feel as though moisturisers are just a little too greasy for your liking, then you may benefit from an oil-free one, where you can be sure that an outbreak is well out of reach. Oil free moisturisers tend to be a more popular preference because of the lightweight, barely-there feel of the products.

In addition, they help balance the skin which in turn reduces oil production. There are a plethora of oil free moisturisers on the market, and it is simply a case of selecting the appropriate one for your skin. You may also want to consider a day cream (with SPF) and a night cream, with specific ingredients to nourish your skin through the night.

The bottom line is, moisturising is key, whatever the weather or skin type. It is the key tool in maintaining healthy and supple skin as dehydrated, lacklustre skin will develop wrinkles and fine lines much faster. A good moisturiser may even double as a makeup primer so why not kill two birds with one stone?

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