We tried the 24-hour waterproof liquid eyeliner everyone’s talking about

Post-Ptolemaic Egypt, we’ve seen liner trends evolve into pencil-thin rings, smudgy scribbles and everything in-between. However, it wasn’t until winged flicks came into focus that the need for a genuinely excellent liquid liner emerged.

Dippy pots morphed into pens and stamps that let us line to perfection. But with the highs come the lows. For pens in particular, grumbles of flaking formulas, fading flicks and nibs drying out (however. hard. we. shake.) are causing the search for a perfect liquid liner to continue. But the end is in sight.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Easy Glide Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, £18

Ever since Cleopatra found the joy in framing her eyes with lashings of black, liner has become a staple component of the daily beauty kit.

‘I wanted to create the best, easiest eyeliner you’ve ever used’ Jerrod Blandino, Co-Founder Chief Creative Officer at Too Faced Cosmetics tells us. And that’s what he did. They named it ‘Better Than Sex’, but is this 24-hour, glide-on, waterproof pen too good to be true? GLAMOUR finds out.


Deborah Joseph, Editor In Chief


I’ve probably got more black eyeliners than any other product in my beauty arsenal. A black liner eye flick is my go-to beauty quick fix if I want to go from day to night, especially when I’m heading straight out from the office. I do struggle to get my two eyes to match and often have to apply one eye a couple of times before it’s right.


I found it very easy to put on, thanks to the super tech nib that teams shorter, sponge-like bristles with a longer, flexible tip that facilitate a razor sharp edge. As you tilt the pen, there’s a chamber inside that opens and closes. As your elbow lifts, the product floods in and is absorbed into the nib. All of this means the liner literally slides on. It’s smudge-free, which meant I didn’t have to sit with my eyes closed waiting for it to dry. Plus, the whole liner experience was much quicker than normal.


I’m hooked. Gorgeous millennial pink packaging, easy to apply and smudge free – what more could a girl ask for from an eyeliner? Oh, and it lasts all day. Not quite better than sex, but I’m orgasmically happy with this new find.

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