May 19, 2024

Halo eyes are the celestial makeup trend that’ll make you look more awake

That’s why (if you haven’t already come across it) prepare to get very excited about “halo eyes”, the pretty technique that’s perfect for putting a pep in your step and for making you look bright-eyed with the help of some masterful eyelid contouring.

Light is focused in the centre of your eye (on both the lid and under the eye) by using a lighter halo of colour in the centre. It’s contrasted by a darker shade on either side which gives the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes.

Are you ready for a (not entirely) new twist on a classic? No one’s denying that smoky eyes are a failsafe, it’s just… They’re a bit “done”, aren’t they? It’s hard to get excited over a look that gets trotted out every time someone says “eye quad”. Shadow-wise, aside from smoky, it feels like we’re a little lacking in alternatives.

To get it right, separate your eyeshadow into three sections: the inner corner, the centre and the outer corner. You still want to achieve that almond shape at either side, but instead of graduating the colour from light to dark, you’ll begin dark, create a shaft of light in the middle, then end dark. And repeat the same process along the bottom lash line.

The beauty is that you can play around with the colours, provided they contrast. But, to maximise sparkly eyes, opt for a metallic or a shimmer down the centre. We’ve seen classic smoky shades like navy or graphite applied to the inner and outer corners, with a negative space contrast, amped up by a sheer stamp of glitter in the centre. We’ve seen warm burgundy’s set ablaze with a molten gold middle. We’ve seen pretty bronzes lifted by liquid chrome at the centre and inky indigo set against ice blue.

To finish things off, keep your liner tight to the lash line and layer up on the mascara.

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