May 18, 2024

Hair: who and why?

Mof if you can use mousse to hair every day? How does it differ from foam? Whereby the mousse gives a basal volume? Asked these (and other) questions hairstylist Eugene Shatokhina (@yauhen) and the founder of the brand of natural cosmetics Vita Lyasota (@natureal. ua).

What is hair and how is it different from mousses and gels?

Mousse hair – styling tool that stylists can use to create a basal volume. It also helps to get the effect of wet hair, beach hair, adds smoothness and elasticity.

The main difference between the mousse from other means – ease. He’s not as much hair as, for example, gel.

From mousse and foam one task – giving volume at the roots. But this is a fundamentally different means. The structure of the foam is more dense – it is better not to use the owners of very thin strands.

Что такое мусс для волос и в чем его отличие от пенок и гелей?

Mousses are normal, strong and extra strong hold. The latter is quite pronounced drying effect. It can be used for styling oily hair. For dry and normal is not the best option.

What are the characteristics of mousses for hair?

В чем особенности муссов для волос?

In most modern vehicles there are nourishing ingredients and ingredients that protect against the aggressive effects of high temperatures during drying. But they are not designed to treat the hair, do not expect that the mousse will save from dry ends or falling out.

The facility has several nuances. First, when using difficult to control the amount – there is a big risk to weigh hair down and give them a sloppy appearance. Secondly, mousses not as dense as a gel and foams – will only fit thin, not too thick strands. Hard hair mousse will not fix – don’t believe the marketing promises from the “Styler”.

6 useless treatments for hair see here.

How to use hair mousse?

Как использовать мусс для волос?

The tool can be applied only on clean hair. Styling quite a small amount of mousse – no more than a small Apple. In this case, less is better – otherwise you’ll have to re-wash my hair.

Mousse can be applied both on wet and on dry hair. In the second case, the product is used throughout its length to impart elasticity and fixation – not on the roots!

The mousse should be distributed evenly. It is better to lower your head and gently work through the entire root zone.

When applying the tool length, use a comb with rare teeth.

Is it safe adhesives?

For the production of mousses and foams use gas, alcohols, and silicone. They are not intended for daily use! If each morning you apply to the roots of the packing means, problems are inevitable.

Aggressive components mousses are layered and accumulated on the scalp. It can cause flaking, dandruff, itching and other unpleasant consequences.

In addition, they clog the follicle, preventing the normal exchange.

Use mousse on the entire length is also not recommended for every day. The more often you apply styling products, the more you need to do a deep cleaning of the hair with special shampoos, scrubs and peels.

Important! After using the mousse, apply the shampoo at least three times (how to wash your hair read on the link). But even then there is no guarantee that all the “pests” will be eliminated.

Who should not use hair conditioners?

Кому противопоказаны муссы для волос?

Styling products should be avoided by people with sensitive scalp.

Need to carefully read the composition of the allergies – this applies not only to products but also any other means, or otherwise in contact with the skin.

Daily use of styling products makes hair stiff. Because of this, they can start to break off. Do not apply the product on the length, if there is a problem with the ends.

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