May 25, 2024

Hailey Bieber’s trench coat takes the oversized trend to the next level

While on a coffee run in Tribeca on May 10, Hailey Bieber was photographed serving boxy business casual. The Rhode founder leaned into a warm butterscotch vibe in an ankle-length oversized trench coat with retro shoulder pads, creating a square silhouette that she complemented perfectly with a belted micro-miniskirt.

The juxtaposition of a big jacket and a teensy tiny skirt is eye-catching and super trendy (and will delight fan’s of Cake’s iconic hit “Short Skirt/Long Jacket”).

Though the jacket was the obvious star of the show, the accessory combo tied everything together. Chunky black loafers and ankle-length white socks give that dark academia vibe that I’m kind of obsessed with. She tucked her sleek bob behind her ears to reveal chunky gold hoop earrings and shielded her eyes from the NYC sunshine in a pair of narrow black sunglasses. Despite the many pockets stitched into the coat, Bieber opted to stash her goodies in a black leather Ferragamo handbag.

Bieber’s name was on everyone’s lips earlier this year after fans of Selena Gomez accused the 25-year-old of cyberbullying the singer. The heated feud died down after Gomez asked fans to end cruel comments and death threats that were being sent to Hailey, who is married to Gomez’s ex Justin Bieber.

However, the aftermath of the drama took a toll on Bieber, and she shared a mental health update with her followers on Instagram in April. “I like to make jokes about how I feel because sometimes it’s easier than admitting I’m having a hard time,” she posted on her Stories, adding that thus far 2023 has been hard for her.

But the dark moments won’t stop her. Hailey Bieber encouraged fans to “keep showing up for each other even when it’s hard. We’re better together. ”

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