April 17, 2024

Hailey Bieber on being blessed with good genes

She’s snuggled up on a sofa in a cosy Soho Farmhouse cabin in the Cotswolds, chatting about her skincare rituals as the newest face of Bare Minerals. “I’m obsessive about cleansing,” she says.

That, plus her loved-up inner glow (her husband Justin – yep, Justin Bieber – is currently waiting for her in their room) is a winning combo for Hailey, despite keeping up with the manic schedule of a modern, major It girl.

Hailey Bieber, 22, is sitting in front of me with the most incredible skin I’ve ever seen. It’s poreless, bright, radiant and perky, but rather than being over-treated, it looks wholesome and healthy. That ethereal, juicy complexion you see on her Insta selfies is 100% ’tune-free. And I’m here to find out how.

The daughter of Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin and graphic designer Kennya Baldwin, Hailey rose to fame in her own right as a catwalk model, walking for brands including Topshop Unique, Elie Saab and Moschino. It wasn’t long until she forged close friendships with Gigi and Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, and together they stormed international runways, proving themselves to be the ultimate supermodel squad. Now, Hailey’s travel companion is her husband, whom she married in secret last September in New York. From what I’ve seen up close on this trip, they seem besotted and hardly able to keep their hands off each other.

When we chat, Hailey appears totally relaxed and elegant, wearing top-to-toe red, including a fluffy, floor-length Max Mara coat. She’s also happy to share the secrets behind her glowing appearance, her wellness rituals, hair hang-ups and biggest beauty blunders…

Good skin runs in my family

My grandma was a makeup artist when she was younger. She was always into her skin, beauty, make-up and lotions, and I think my mom got that from her, too. I have no doubt that I learnt all my beauty secrets from watching how regimented they were; my mom always made sure we put lotion on after a shower and that I removed my makeup before bed.

My No. 1 skincare rule

I never sleep with my make-up on. My stylist always sleeps with her eyeshadow on because then it looks more worn the next day and she doesn’t have to apply it again. But for me, I swear it hurts when I don’t take my mascara off! It feels like my eyelashes aren’t clean. It really doesn’t matter the situation, one way or another, my makeup is coming off before bed.

My backstage beauty secret

When I was at Paris Fashion Week, a make-up artist gave me some Dr Barbara Sturm skincare. I loved it so much that Dr Sturm came to my hotel room to make me a bespoke cream using my own blood!

My wellness rituals

I’ve tried colonics a treatment that claims to cleanse the colon of toxins. Now that’s an interesting feeling! But they’re really good for you. My mum and aunt are very into health, and I’m just into all the sweat treatments, the light saunas and body wraps. But my all-time favourite relaxation activity is taking a bath, putting some music on, and just lying there, being. Oh, and I love Rumble (a boxing-based fitness studio in New York, LA and San Francisco).

My can’t-live-without beauty buys

I take Viviscal hair vitamins because I’m really trying to grow my hair right now. I often see comments on Instagram of people saying, “Why does she always pull her hair back? ” I’m like, “Because I hate the length! ” It’s so awkward. Other than that, I’m all about the coconut oil. I use it in my hair, my skin, my nails – I love something that’s multi-purpose. At the moment I can’t get enough of the new Bare Minerals Foundation Stick, which has a great consistency – you can use it as a concealer or foundation, or even as a bronzer or eyeshadow. Multi-use products make travelling so much easier. I’m also a lip-balm obsessive, but I always go budget. I like Aquaphor Lip Repair and Carmex Lip Balm for the little tingle! My signature fragrance is Fleur Narcotique by Ex Nihilo.

Alone time is really important for my sense of wellbeing, so I often delete the Instagram app – sometimes for a day, sometimes a week. I feel so much better the longer I can go. I think that social media shouldn’t take up too much of my time if I’m not enjoying it. The negativity screams so loud, and it’s hard to focus on my mental health when the second I come back on it, someone is tearing apart my job, or relationship – or essentially any of the things in my life that are positive. So, I just delete it to avoid the anxiety.

My biggest beauty blunder

Thin eyebrows! I did it myself when I was a teenager and totally hated it. My mom had to intervene, she was like, “Enough! ”

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