April 20, 2024

Hailey Bieber Has Said Goodbye To Glazed Donut Nails

When Hailey Bieber first introduced us to glazed donut nails last year, we declared that «the dewy, frosted look is so perfect for the sultry days of summer. » And it was! But summer was definitely not the last we saw of the trend.

By autumn, she was spotted wearing chocolate glazed donut nails, and fans of the fad put their own spins on it, like pumpkin spice glazed donut nails. Hailey was even seen wearing strawberry glazed donut nails as recently as last month.

Well, either she’s run out of «flavours» or Hailey is taking a break from trendy tips because her latest manicure is the opposite of trendy. It’s a truly classic, never-out-of-style cherry-red manicure.

The star was first seen wearing this timeless look last week, when she shared a number of recent selfies in an Instagram photo carousel. Her red nails complemented her equally classic black-and-white striped turtleneck, and they almost perfectly matched her red Yankees hat.

And over the weekend, she posted photos from a scenic climbing adventure that her manicure appears to have miraculously withstood.

Though we haven’t yet found out which red nail polish shade is now officially Hailey Bieber-approved, we can definitely recommend a few that won’t let you down. For an orangey red that will look killer this summer, Chanel’s Nail Polish in Arancio Vibrante, £25, will never disappoint – while Nailberry’s ‘Pop My Berry’, £16, has a slight coral undertone and paints like a dream. And if you’re opting for a gel manicure, Bio Sculpture’s A Night At The Opera is a deep, classic red that’s hard to beat.

We haven’t ruled out the possibility that this new penchant for classic red nails could mean the eventual debut of cherry-glazed donut nails, but for now, we’re making our appointments for a traditional, rich red manicure.

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