Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has launched its first-ever range of inclusive clothes that go up to size 44

Gwyneth Paltrow’s brand, Goop, has finally decided to launch its first ‘size-inclusive’ clothing.

The new collection is part of a collaboration with New York-based brand Universal Standard and will see her clothes now available in sizes ranging from a US 00 to 40 (that’s a UK 4 to 44) and each piece of the capsule collection has been tailored to someone of each size, rather than sizing up or down a template fitted onto one model.

The news is being welcomed by those above a US 12 (UK 16) who were previously unable to find anything by Goop that catered for larger sizes.

Gwyneth announced that she wanted her lifestyle brand ‘to be a place where women who are feeling marginalised in any way can come’ and the actress-turned-wellness-guru teamed up with Universal Standard to create a collection that was aimed at a wider group of women after realising that women above US size 14 or UK size 18 were seriously limited in clothing choices.

Universal Standard’s co-founder Alexander Waldman said in an interview that, ‘This is really about making size inclusivity the new normal through a variety of channels…the thing that should determine your clothing choices should be your taste and your budget. We don’t need any more barriers than that.’

The good news is that the collection can be shipped to the UK, where sizes generally only ever go up to a UK size 36.

Good work, Gwynnie!

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