May 19, 2024

Gwyneth Paltrow Says the ‘Boyfriend Breakfasts’ She Cooks for Her Husband Are a ‘Feminist Statement’

Gwyneth Paltrow maintains a romantic tradition she started when she was first dating her now husband, Brad Falchuk. Though the couple has been married since September 2018, Paltrow still makes him a “boyfriend breakfast” every weekend.

“When Brad was just my boyfriend, I started a tradition of making him breakfast every Saturday morning,” Paltrow captioned a Vogue cooking video, which she posted to Instagram in October.

“Coming up with surprising menus, the prepping and cooking was a way for me to disconnect with the other stresses of my life and direct my focus on my boyfriend! It became this very special moment for us. They are called #boyfriend breakfasts to this day. ”

In the full video, the Goop mogul opened up about the tradition while cooking a frittata with turkey bacon, potatoes, spinach, and caramelised onions—all while discussing why cooking breakfast for her husband is a “feminist statement,” actually.

“I noticed that when I would tell people that I really love to cook for Brad, some of my friends were like, ‘Wow, that’s so old-fashioned. ’ And they were kind of teasing me about it,” she said. “So I kind of started pondering this question of, Can you be a feminist and still like to do domestic things, and kind of care for the people you love in that way? It facilitated kind of an interesting discussion around what it means to be a feminist. ”

She continued, “I actually think it’s a strong feminist statement to cook for the people that you love if you want to. ”

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