Guy handles asshole customer demanding free work with ease, Photos

Anyway, 3D printer Ashontez recently dealt with one of these parents and he shared the exchange on Imgur. After asking for a custom fitted Optimus Prime suit for his kid, the customer proceeded to completely lose his shit when he found out he actually had to PAY for the work.

Halloween is almost here, but it sure has changed since I was a kid. Parents are going all out nowadays, sparing no expense on their over demanding kids’ costumes just so they can share it on Instagram and win some bragging rights at the school’s kiss and ride.

Whatever happened to getting your older brother’s hand me downs? Every. Single. Year. Or that one time I got my sister’s costume… Yup, still haven’t forgotten that day at school.

This guy’s either feeling the pressure of competing with his neighbours or he’s just a self-entitled dick. I’m going with the latter.

“I mainly make desk ornaments, I’ve also made quite a few swords as well for Cosplayers. I wouldn’t call myself a designer, I’m just getting started and very much a novice,” Ashontez said. “I’m sure he’s just going to report my profile to Facebook and post a few rants on his timeline about how terrible I am and to never use me. Which, ironically, has helped more people ask for commissions, the traffic to my Etsy shop has jumped up quite a bit since posting this.”

So instead of ruining his business, he’s actually helped boost it. Oh, I love you Karma.

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