July 22, 2024

Guy asks for help finding his GF’s stolen bike, the Internet delivers

Sometimes the Internet can be a very helpful tool. Maybe you’re looking for a sweet deal on a new TV, planning to do some DIY home repairs and need a video tutorial, or perhaps you just want to catch the thieving douchebags that stole your girlfriend’s bike.

That’s what this guy decided to do and he shared the whole story on Imgur.

Thanks to Twitter, OfferUp, some great friends, and a bit of sly undercover work, it didn’t take long for him to get the bike back. Check out how the story unfolded, it’s quite the tale.

As much as these two scumbags probably deserved to suffer a little bit of pain, it’s best that this story ended peacefully. No one was hurt, they got the bike back and then capped off the day with a cold beer. I’d call that a Schwinn-Schwinn!

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