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Guide to care for dry skin

The main problem of my skin dryness and peeling. For 22 years, fortunately, active rash, enlarged pores and other common problems escaped me. And despite the fact that in 95% I am collecting compliments about how lucky I am to have the skin in fact it is not so great as it seems.

With the first frost or, conversely, a warming of peeling and dryness were injured. Dry skin is prone to early appearance of wrinkles (which I, of course, I’m afraid, like a bad dream). So she was well hydrated, use a whole Arsenal of tools, and follow the rules, which I told the doctor-cosmetologist Sergei Barsukov.

Pdoverennye funds,the mainrules and super-hacks.

Dry skin is the consequence of insufficient hydration in the dermis. It can also be caused by the lipid barrier, for example, as a result of blockage of sebaceous glands for acne. In any case, the best solution would be to eliminate the causes of dryness.

There are a few important rules for the care of the skin:

  1. Follow the drinking regime and drink the amount of water – at least two liters a day!
  2. Taking the necessary nutrients are just as important to hydration as water itself. Recommend multivitamin complexes, as in 99. 9% of cases we lack most vitamins and minerals. Multivitamins usually contain a minimum amount of vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain normal metabolism.
  3. Wash in the most sparing means, such as special gels and foams for sensitive skin.
  4. Be sure to moisturize the skin after washing

Preferred gels are based on hyaluronic acid, optionally apply the cream or emulsion, if one gel leaves a feeling of tightness. In this mode minimizes the risk of “clogging” of pores fat mass.

You will also assist the professional care of a specialist and a cosmetologist.

  1. Try biorevitalization – the introduction into the skin of hyaluronic acid (may increase the action of vitamins, amino acids, peptides or antioxidants). This is the most common treatment to moisturize the skin.
  2. Perhaps hydration without injections. In this case, procedures should prohodil course. For Example, Intraceuticals. For owners of dry skin is very important and can be a variant of “emergency” when you need to quickly get a moisturizing effect without the rehabilitation period. It is also worth noting the eponymous line of home care. It will support dry the skin in the right condition.
  3. Interesting technique LaseMD – laser system which allows you to deliver moisturizers – serums hyaluronic acid through the microchannels created in the skin by tuleevym laser. The technique is very effective, no drawbacks to the classic mesotherapy (pain, appearance of bruises, papulov) and is not only perfectly moisturizes the skin and triggers the regeneration of cells, and this gives a pronounced long-term effect.
  4. Love the mask. They are soaked with moisturizing ingredients and allow you to exhibit active substances on the skin up to 30 minutes. Currently shortage of these tools just is not there – the main thing is to find my own. (Approx. Ed. What ingredients to look for in masks for dry skin – look here).
My favorite procedure

Care on the unit TDA Dermadrop

Last winter I tried leaving in the beauty of Anastasia Reshetova InHype Beauty Zone and are now doing it twice a year.

How was the procedure?

Гид по уходу, за сухой кожей лица

First we beautician Julia Malashenkova discussed what I wanted and what effect I would like to see after. In the winter more often than usual you experience peeling, so my main wish was to eliminate dryness and restore skin a healthy appearance, and face – the lack of fatigue. We began with a cleanse – it used lotion Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser from UltraCeuticals is a brand I’m familiar and she always use legendary cream Ultra Moisturiser Cream (which we described here).

Then I did a superficial ultrasonic cleaning apparatus – in order to avoid peeling and gently clean the upper layers of the epidermis. Important point – beautician works not only with face but also with the chest area, and in the process of care during a light lymphatic drainage massage for a bit and back – it did to me on the basis of a lotion Ultra Hydrating Lotion and cream Ultra Moisturiser Cream UltraCeuticals, too.

Then we started to nutritional care on a special apparatus Dermadrop TDA. It is a technology that allows you to enter hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals and amino acids into the deeper skin layers without injections. Pretty active streams of air pass through the thin tube and deliver the tool into the skin – it does not hurt, but rather nice and sometimes ticklish. So considering the whole face. The final step – moisturizing cream with SPF 50 Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturizer. His beautician gets massaged. At the end of the procedure you will be given recommendations for skin care. I really liked the care that I did: the wow-effect without discomfort, quite deftly and quickly – with all the advice within the hour. To get rid of blackheads are not gone, the face looked fresh and rested even after the first treatment. Plumped and hydrated skin is now no weather is not terrible: the love!

My favorite tools
Micellar water La Roche-Posay

Мицеллярная вода La Roche-Posay

Most often, makeup remove cotton pads soaked in micellar water. This combines the micelles and glycerin, cleanses skin thoroughly and softens it, does not contain alcohol, parabens, soap and oily components and is excellent for sensitive skin – take note. I strongly advise those who are often on the road: water is available in different formats, one of which is 100 ml. For home use there are volumes 200 and 400 ml.

Cleansing mousse La Mousse, Chanel

Очищающий мусс La Mousse, Chanel

Use for morning and evening cleansing. White gel (somehow reminds me of melted marshmallows) in contact with water turns into a light foam that envelops the skin and thoroughly cleanses it. In the – extract the sea Salicornia and blue algae, they are perfectly moisturize and strengthen. After washing, there is no feeling of tightness, feeling clean and fresh, and this is important.

Hydrophilic oil Classic, the Shu Uemura

Гидрофильное масло Classic, Shu Uemura

A little about the brand Shu Uemura. The history of the brand began in the late 1950-ies. Working as a makeup artist in Hollywood, Shu Uemura realized that the key to a beautiful make – up- even tone. It can be achieved with proper cleansing. Thus appeared the first brand – Unmask cleansing oil, which in Hollywood called the magic oil. About how this tool looks like today, we tell here. Shu Uemura was the first who started to add sea water to the composition of the funds. Beauty brand line meets all the needs of our skin from proper cleansing to deep hydration.

If we are talking about bright makeup with a point drawing the eye contour, lips, active Smokey and a huge number of cosmetics, of course, the task to clean the skin trust the hydrophilic oil. My favorite one is the Classic. The composition of macadamia nut oil and Camellia seed (nourish, soften and moisturize the skin) and plant extracts of rosemary leaves (remove swelling) and ginger root (narrow pores). Need a couple of drops on a cotton pad to erase an active eye makeup like an eraser. Without the irritations and sensations of tightness and discomfort. Not fiction?

Sparkling facial mask Gold Envy, Oribe

Сверкающая маска для лица Gold Envy, Oribe

I was very happy when Russia finally had the means and decorative cosmetics for skin care of the face of the brand Oribe. Appreciating the hair, I was sure that face would find something suitable. And no mistake! My choice is the shining mask of the “Golden envy”. Open the magic jar, and inside you see a tool that shimmers with gold like the precious ingot. This beauty put on a clean and dry face brush. Gold Envy is distributed in a thin layer, but if you have time, paint a thicker. After 10-15 minutes wash your face and remove the rest with a towel.

The tools are rich caring ingredients: here and often the oils of the flowers of Edelweiss, evening primrose, sweet almond, and peptides, and colloidal gold particles, and finger lime extract and sodium hyaluronate. The first thing I noticed, is even skin tone: it evens out quickly, great moisturizes and gives Shine. My face seemed to be glowing from the inside after the first time. Make this mask once a week, and if behind heavy routine with a constant lack of sleep, all two. Helps to remove the tarnish and dullness from the face and swelling. With a deep wrinkle I had not yet experienced (and I hope that happens to delay our meeting for a little longer), but I know that the product is suitable and to deal with them.

Essence lotion Hydra Beauty Micro Essence Liquid, Chanel

Лосьон-эссенция Hydra Beauty Micro Liquid Essence, Chanel

For my dry skin, the entire line of brand Hydra Beauty – just what the doctor ordered. Funds on the basis of Camellia is able to perfectly moisturize it. I love hybrid lotion-the essence of this collection with the microspheres Camellia. Squeeze out the translucent gel into your palm and notice the microgranules. Upon contact with the skin they dissolve and saturate it with useful ingredients.

All a person needs 5 drops, the tool seems to be a thick, gel-like, but in use it turns into water and as quickly absorbed. I always have a little tingling the skin, but it is a pleasant feeling rather than uncomfortable: once you feel how the tool works, the skin becomes radiant and hydrated. In the no alcohol and Surfactants, the formula contains living cells and are exposed to a powerful antioxidant Blue Ginger. Use morning and evening. A light touch of paint on the cheeks, forehead and chin, smoothing a distribution direction of the middle of the face towards the outer contours. A floral fragrance lifts the mood and soothes!

Patches Hydro-Gel Eye Patch Gold By Natalia Vlasova, Mosmake

Патчи Hydro-Gel Eye Patch Gold By Natalia Vlasova, Mosmake

This tool desperately praised my colleague Daria Sizova. She told me that Natalia Vlasova came to the shooting of our movie in patches, and when she took them off, the skin in the under-eye area is kept hydrated, toned and seemed to glow from within. Inspired by the story of Dashi, I also decided to try them. And I realized: these patches will appeal to all without exception. Why?

First, the composition is hyaluronic acid, which plumps the skin making it more elastic. Extra moisture is provided.

Second, the patches significantly improve the complexion. Helps in this extract, Camellia leaf is a natural antioxidant and slows the aging process. They can be applied not only under the eyes but on other parts of the face (e. g. forehead, cheeks, chin).

Third item – gold in a gel base in the composition, and it’s not just decoration. Particles of precious metal are beneficial to the skin, protecting it from aging. Especially great it works in tandem with collagen that supports the epidermis: the skin becomes more taut.

These patches are always with me on trips. Remember how flying 12 hours to another country in the last two hours began to bring dehydrated skin back in order. 30 minutes sleep swelling, fresher skin, and I came out of the plane, heard from friends: “So fresh looking! As if from a neighboring district came, not from the other end of the world! ”.

In Moscow I put on in the morning and before important events for 20-30 minutes. From single use is immediately visible effect, but if you use them regularly, the result will be even better. Skin says a big “thank you” for moisturizing, elasticity and beauty. And my super-hack: if somewhere in a hurry, put them under the eye, parallel to distribute the shadow on the eyelids and draw the arrow (if fall – pigments fall in patches that helps to avoid streaks).

Serum Retexturing Activator, SkinCeuticals

Сыворотка Retexturing Activator, SkinCeuticals

To the brand’s history with great respect. It was invented by American scientist Dr. Sheldon Pinnell in 1994. He also owns the patent of Duke University for an antioxidant. In 1999, SkinCeuticals launches Serum 10 and Serum 15 is the first stable funds with the local antioxidant on the basis of L-ascorbic acid. The motto of the brand – “to prevent, protect, correct”, so your tool can find every.

Pro serum brand first heard during an interview with singer Julianna Karaulova – she told me about favorite.

I tried the serum, Retexturing Activator, which was my month test drive, when the skin is dry, dull and beginning to peel off strongly and revived her. Applied 4-5 drops to cleansed face, neck and décolleté morning and evening before cream. The tools are a wonderful group: the complex of hydroxyethyl urea and 20% sulfamic acid 5% (stimulate the exfoliation process without irritation and activates the process of skin renewal), kombuchka (for radiance and improve the complexion – that I was so necessary! ) and hyaluronic acid to hydrate. For a month the skin is visibly fresher, became more elastic and soft.

Fluid Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold, La Prairie
Флюид Cellular Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold, La Prairie

Really a precious tool in the composition of the gold particles. But not for decoration! It is believed that the gold peptide promotes the production of collagen, helps to combat skin imperfections, banish dull face, replacing it with a radiance. The tool itself is texture – a nice gel is a soft pink color (like yogurt) with a light unobtrusive sweet flavor.

If you look closely, you’ll see the Golden fototrade particles and powder of pure gold – thanks to them appears on the skin a radiance that looks like it glows from within. Distribute all over your face a couple of peas means – use it morning and evening after cleansing and tonic. Fortunately or unfortunately, the testing process is the means came in the past year the most difficult period is December – when a lot of different projects and cases, and they need to have time to decide before the holidays. Constant lack of sleep, puffiness, gray face – neither of which the lights could not go and speeches.

But this means winning became real. The fluid rich caring ingredients: here and exclusive property of the brand with the Japanese cat’s (he has a very bioactive molecules that can protect the skin from harmful external factors), and extract symbiosome Lotus (for skin lightening), and extract stem cells forest tobacco (gives an antioxidant effect and anti-aging effect) and raspberry extract (relieves irritation), and exclusive cellular complex brand. The entire Arsenal was tested on durability and strength, and I for two weeks forgot about the gray color of the face, swelling and remembered that it can Shine. Often put the tool under Foundation – this day do without a highlighter.

Moisturizer WaterBurst, Glamglow

Увлажняющий крем WaterBurst, Glamglow

I’m a big fan of Glamglow means – dearly love their masks, moisturizers and the magic lip balm. The cold autumn turning into winter already here, the skin began to peel off, and I needed urgent resuscitation. WaterBurst cream in a blue package promises to give “hydration – 72 hours. ” The texture is more gel (with insanely delicious aroma of fruit bubble gum – and I want to eat), which is rapidly absorbed and immediately sets to work. In the composition of the water found off the island of Jeju-do (located in the Korean Strait) – for intense hydration. By the way, the cream did a solid five: my peeling was gone within a couple days of use.

WaterBurst really helps the skin to retain moisture. Included in your daily care: apply in the morning (after 5-7 minutes you can begin to makeup, it will not float away) and in the evening before bed (don’t worry, the product does not leave a greasy residue on the pillow). In those days, when you can do without make-up, apply this cream, a lightweight balm to the lips with a hint and a bit of concealer under my eyes: I never cease to get compliments on how fresh I look (WaterBurst leaves the skin a beautiful sheen).

Moisturizer Perfect Moisturizer, 3Lab

Увлажнитель для лица Perfect Moisturizer, 3Lab

Funds American brand loved by such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, and Hilary swank. Mark one of the first to introduce the unique technology of using stem cells and growth factor derived bioengineered way. I have already talked about the cream to the area around the eyes and about the BB cream, it’s time and moisturizer for the face!

Usually, when trying tools that order of magnitude above the average price, expect a miracle. And for me with this cream it happen! Tried it this summer – tested a week and closely monitor results. Perhaps the biggest difference between other funds, which moisturize and absorb quickly, is that it gives prolonged effect.

Applied every morning and massage gently on face and neck the gel is white, and after a minute of the funds have not disappeared (skin greedily eats it), and after five I had already begun to make-up (again an alternative to the primer because the Foundation was laid flat and not roll). Cream really moisturizes, this is not a “single action”: a week face cleared up, flaking on the nose, which tortured me even in the winter, lost and seem to go back do not plan to. The cream has no smell (opponents fragrances, take note), and also has a very handy dispenser (two taps is enough to squeeze the right amount on the entire face) and economical (it is August, and its still more than half left). In the composition – olive oil and hyaluronic acid. This summer saved my skin from dehydration, dryness and flaking.


Eye cream Kiehl’s

Крем для глаз Kiehl’s

Cream-the legend of the brand often seen it in the racks and purses of many beauty gurus. The tools are thick oil texture, it is not immediately absorbed, dense, better to wait 20-30 minutes, then proceed to the makeup. If you hurry, you can apply quite a bit, “with a nail”. Often use as an evening mask for the eye and paint in the evening. Consistency means resembles mashed avocado, and its main component – avocado oil. Distribute motions, and the skin eagerly “eats it”. After two weeks of use has already seen the difference: fatty acids and Shea butter made the skin nourished and hydrated.

Miniature is available in two sizes: 15 ml. and 28 – both perfectly fit in a travel makeup bag.

Lip balm Lucas’ Papaw Ointment
Бальзам для губ, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

Moisturizing nourishing and soothing lip balm has more than 100 years! It was invented by Australian botanist T. P. Lucas in 1906! Dense, gateway, odorless. The balm can be used not only on lips but also on hands (for example, apply on cuticles and nails). With lips it works wonders: eliminates peeling, irritation, moisturizes and leaves a sticky film and does not spread. Included in the over-the-top dose of enzyme from papaya and petroleum jelly. Use morning and evening. This tool is a great mask for the lips, especially if your goal is a matte lipstick you plan to wear all day.

Finally publish my top rules, developed over the years:

  • Be sure to wash off makeup (even if you got back very late and extremely tired).
  • Do not forget to wash after a micellar water.
  • Use a moisturizer in the morning before makeup instead of primer.
  • To apply a greasy texture cream in the evening before bed as a mask.
  • In the winter before a run in the woods to use cold cream (favorite told here).
  • If the exercise is in the morning and in the hall, not apply any funds (including caring), and after wash and apply moisturizer.
  • In flights to drink plenty of water to make a mask or refresh the skin thermal water/elixir.

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