I tried ‘fragrance meditation’ and it was the most zen hour of my life

“Feel back in balance, scented and centred with this perfume treatment for the mind and soul,” proclaims Lush. “Be guided through a meditation on fragrance with this 40-minute bespoke experience featuring perfume, music, words, and elements of gentle massage to restore your mood and humour.”

As Lush Spa Treatment Developer, Hannah-Rose Lammiman, explains: “Renaissance features bodywork used in different cultures, traditions and rituals from all over the world. We have tapped into these energetic traditions to enhance the experience for the client.”


Bianca London, Website Director

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With more knots in my back than a pretzel and a seriously fast-paced lifestyle, it’s rare for me to take two minutes to myself (without my phone, at least). I’ve always been tempted by the art of meditation but never been bothered to give it a go so this guided session sounded ideal for someone with my attention span.

The Review

I hate to admit that I’ve never set foot in the Lush Spa before but my gosh, I’ve been missing out. Akin to Aladdin’s cave, the peaceful space beneath the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street immediately makes me feel relaxed thanks to those gloriously iconic Lush scents and pure, unadulterated silence.

My fantastic therapist takes me into the spa area and analyses my current emotional state (stressed) and personality traits (manic) to select the perfect fragrances for my treatment. I’m then led to a beautifully zen room lit with scented candles and treated to an incredible guided meditation slash massage session, all whilst breathing in various fragrances.

By using fragrance to scent the air and anoint the body, the scents gradually layer up and take your mind off any worries you may have, apparently. My therapist tells me that focusing on the fragrance will ground me in the present moment. He isn’t wrong.

The therapists are trained to feel the energy of the client whilst choreographing each movement to the music (a soundtrack recorded especially for Lush). My therapist masterfully selects the perfect reflex points of my body to focus on and release emotions. For me, it’s my head and neck; I suffer regular migraines and have serious difficulty ‘switching off’. My therapist then shares positive affirmations with me, personally selected to align with my personality and emotions, before dousing me in my personal fragrance (which you can buy and take home) and leading me to the lounge area to sip a fragranced-tea.

The verdict

I have never experienced anything quite like this treatment before but that’s where the beauty of it lies. It is wonderfully wacky and actually left me feeling more zen than any bog standard massage. Plus, you can squeeze it into your lunch break and drift back to the office a much better person. Makes scents (sorry).

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