Grab Paper Plates, Socks, or Sliders

Using sliders works your stability, endurance, and flexibility, NASM-certified personal trainer Stef Corgel told POPSUGAR. “Sliders can be used to achieve a total-body burn or to target smaller, more specific stabilizing muscles,” she added. They make moves like planks and lunges more advanced but are also low-impact – not to be confused with low-intensity, since these sliders can bring the burn. It’s a win-win if you’re not into high-impact exercises but want to challenge yourself.

One of the easiest pieces of workout equipment to store is a set of sliders. They’re disks that you can generally use on carpet and hard flooring for ab exercises, leg exercises, arm exercises – you name it. The best part is that if you don’t have them in your home, you can opt for socks or a towel on hard flooring and paper plates on carpet, and you’ll get the same effect.

Ahead, check out workout videos straight from YouTube that incorporate sliders in either all of the sweat session or parts of it. Some of these videos also suggest using weights, and they range from under 10 minutes to over 40. Grab your socks, plates, towels, or sliders, and let’s get our glide on!

8 Easy-to-Follow Booty Band Workouts From YouTube That Will Kick Your Butt – Literally

Adding a booty band – also known as a hip circle, mini band, or resistance band – to your fitness routine is a great way to sculpt your butt and make bodyweight moves harder. They’re cost-efficient, come in different sizes (aka, resistances), and are perfect for workout at home or at the gym. I, for one, love using them. As NASM-certified trainer Alexia Clark said in a previous POPSUGAR interview, “I tell people that some of the hardest sets or burnouts and workouts I’ve done have been using bands.” (And, as she demonstrates in that same article, you can use booty bands for your arms, too!)

If you’re looking for the best ways to use your booty band during a workout, YouTube is a grade-A resource. Ahead, we’ve compiled six videos from certified trainers that you can do right in your living room if you want to. Full of kickbacks, squats, and even deadlifts, these will target your hamstrings, quads, and, most importantly, glutes. The videos range in length, though none are longer than 20 minutes. Grab that band and get to work!

We’re Just Going to Say It: Nike’s Making Our Favorite Sneakers in 2020

There’s just something about seeing that iconic check mark that makes a sneaker feel legit. It’s like an automatic seal of approval; when you wear Nike, you know it’s going to perform, and it’s going to look good. Right now, we’re looking for the best sneakers out there, and spoiler alert: we’re into these 13 pairs by Nike.

From classic running staples to trendy picks and timeless silhouettes, if you love Nike, these are the 13 pairs of shoes worth buying. Finding a great running shoe has the power to change your workout, and if you need your shoes to both feel good and look good, you can’t go wrong with Nike. Now all that’s left to do is get moving.

From Cozy Sweaters to Rainbow Sneakers, Shop Urban Outfitters’s 26 Best Sale Pieces

Urban Outfitters is one of our favorite shopping shopping destinations for everything from its cute clothes to cozy home items. If you love the brand, then we’ve got good news for you. It’s hosting another major sale this weekend that you won’t want to miss. In addition to its thousands of marked down items in its big sale selection, it’s also having 25 percent off all shoes. Simply add your favorite pair to your shopping cart to see the discount.

The best part about this sale: it’s more than just shoes! So, you can shop its hottest items before they sell out, we curated a list of the 26 things we love most. From hot pink sweaters to cozy slippers and of course cool kicks, you won’t want to miss out on these prices. Keep reading to snag your top choices before it’s too late.

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