May 18, 2024

Golden Globes 2023: Purple & Lilac Eyeshadow Was The Biggest Beauty Trend

“When I am an old woman I shall wear purple” poet Jenny Joseph famously penned in the 1960s. But going by scenes on the Golden Globes 2023 red carpet — purple’s moment has never been greater, no matter your age.

We had clues it was going to be a trend when swathes of violet eyeshadow graced model’s lids at the AW22 shows at Blumarine, Emporio Armani and Saint Laurent and now, we are even more convinced purple eyeshadow is here to stay.

From amethyst to lavenders and multiple shades of pastel lilac-pinks in between, there were so many purple-tinted beauty looks at this year’s Golden Globes, it was like a flashback to our teenage rooms all over again (that’s circa 2000, if you were too young to remember this trend). The celebs showed us that adding purple into your beauty look is such a simple way to inject a sense of fresh, fun and glamour.

Kaley Cuoco, a nominee for The Flight Attendant, led the charge with a soft, barely-there lilac eyeshadow washed across her lids, perfectly matching her billowy lavender Vera Wang dress. Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg prepped her skin with Révive Skincare for an effortless, natural glow.

Golden Globes 2023 Purple Lilac Eyeshadow Was The Biggest Beauty Trend

The beauty of a lilac eye is that it can be kept fresh and low-key or amped up for added drama. Selena Gomez took a bolder shade of purple, more plum-like, but still the trend looked really subtle and not too playful thanks to good blending and a slick high-hoisted ponytail.

Amanda Seyfried Musical: Golden Globes Excuse Has Twitter Spiralling

But ultimately, we have no closure, no answers to what musical the actor is so diligently working away on. (IMDb is coming up short on this one. ) So I am once again asking, Amanda Seyfried, give us a hint!

The actor has previously spoken of how disappointed she was not to get the role of Glinda in the film adaption of Wicked the casting went to Ariana Grande instead. She told Backstage: “Last summer, while I was playing Elizabeth [on The Dropout], on the weekends I was auditioning in person to play Glinda in the movie version of Wicked — because I wanted it that much that I was like, ‘You know what? Yeah, I have to play the last scene of The Dropout on Tuesday. I’ll give my Sunday to you. ’ I literally bent over backwards while playing the hardest role of my life. ”

She later told Porter magazine that she was devastated not to get the role. “I lost out on a big role that I really wanted – I thought I wanted,” she said. “It was devastating, and it wasn’t for any other reason than I really felt like it was right. But that doesn’t take away from my confidence at all. ”

Sounds like Amanda’s finally got her dream musical gig though, right? Fingers crossed.

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