April 19, 2024

Glowing Bronde Is The Flattering Hair Colour Trend Margot Robbie Loves

Bronde has been given a glowing update for autumn and it’s the most flattering hair trend we’ve seen in a long time. Enter, glowing bronde. So what exactly is the shade? It’s not quite blonde, and, it’s not exactly brunette; it’s somewhere (really pretty) in between — and it’s the hair colour all the it-girls and celebrities are asking for as we transition into a new season.

Think brunette with subtle blonde shining through to light up your face, whilst adding warmth and definition. As Harriet Muldoon from Larry King notes, glowing bronde is a ‘dimensional blonde where the blonde is only where the light touches. ‘

Speaking about the colour trend, which we’ve spotted Margot Robbie and Hailey Bieber championing, Seniz Alkan, colour director at Neville Hair and Beauty, explained: “Bronde is a combination of a brown base with blonde coming through it. It is mostly achieved using either an ombré or balayage technique, but achievable with highlights. »

If you were thinking about trying the trend at home, it might not be the wisest idea because it requires an expert ‘melting’ technique. “To achieve the colour using highlights you must melt into the natural hair colour depending on the base,” says Seniz.

Seniz maintains that people love the glowing bronde look because it is relatively low-maintenance but looks super striking on almost everyone, making it a safe bet for when you want to try something new. “The combination of tones generates warmth to the face and is a great transitional colour for autumn,» Seniz adds.

Harriet Muldoon says you can take the colour trend one step further by finishing your colour job with a golden butter gloss for the full glow effect. “We’re seeing all our summer blondes coming in for butter and copper blondes. Why not add a liquid colour to your balayage? Redken shades eq is the best to create this look and leave the hair with amazing condition. ”

Glowing bronde not for you? There’s endless shades of brunette and even more ways to incorporate it into your hairstyle. Whether you’re after a dramatic dark chocolate hairstyle, a rebel ‘dirty brunette’ look, a cosy honey shade to warm up your blonde, a hybrid ‘bronde’, or darker details like dip-dye, ombre or moneypiece, we’ve picked out the best brown hair colours to inspire your next dye job, no matter if you’re bringing things in-house with an at-home hair dye, or taking yourself to the salon for a professional job.

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