Glossy Is Hiring A Beauty Reporter In New York, NY

    Glossy is hiring a beauty reporter to cover the evolution of the industry. This person will be well-versed in the beauty industry and how technology is changing the way it operates. Knowledge and interest in how today’s brands and retailers are growing to adapt to social media, e-commerce, mobile commerce, in-store technologies, emerging business models and new, digital-focused products is a must. The ability to come up with fresh story ideas and formats and provide input on Glossy events is also essential

    Job Duties:

    • Pitch and write timely and reported stories based on what’s happening in the world of beauty
    • Identify emerging and ongoing trends in digital that are affecting the industry
    • Stay up to date on the latest beauty news
    • Differentiate from and improve upon existing coverage, while using Glossy’s tone and voice
    • Have a network of connections in the industry
    • Attend off-site events
    • Work quickly and efficiently under tight deadlines
    • Have a background in reporting and editing

    To Apply: Please click here.


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