Glossier just dropped their first ever mascara – and we’ve already tried it

We are always on tenterhooks for Glossier’s next product drop. From their innovative makeup formulas (the recently launched Lidstars were firm faves) to the addictiveness of the brand’s fragrance, Glossier knows how to please even the most discerning beauty junkie.

And now, for the first time, they’ve launched a mascara. It took 248 formulations to perfect and can lift, curl and lengthen lashes for the perfect everyday mascara (or so they say). We put it to the test…

Glossier Lash Slick Mascara, £14

The Reviewer

Lottie Winter, Beauty Editor

Beauty Bio

Despite having dark brown hair, I’ve always had very fair (and very stumpy) lashes. On top of that, I’ve never felt I’ve found a mascara that met all my lash needs. Here’s hoping…

The Review

Call me a basic b*tch, but I’m a sucker for millennial pink, making this mascara the prettiest I’ve ever seen. But aesthetics aside, the wand is made up of plastic bristles as opposed to nylon (plastic coats focuses on length and separation, while nylon bristles are able to load product onto the lashes for a more full-on finish) which makes sense – Glossier is all about the more natural look.

Clever ways to boost your lashes

It also has Japanese Fiber Technology – tiny curved fibres that hook onto the natural lash to add length. Post application, my lashes were undoubtedly longer, but I had to apply a good few coats before I reached my desired length, by which point the formula had started to clump ever so slightly. I must caveat this critique by saying this is more of my personal preference; I love jet-black, thick and feathered lashes. If you’re looking for natural-looking lashes, this mascara is your new best friend.

Here it is in action (one eye on, one eye off)

It didn’t flake whatsoever throughout the day and my lashes didn’t droop (a pet peeve of mine) so it’s full marks for endurance.

As for the removal, the brand claims the formula washes off with warm water, which is half true. I rubbed it off in the shower only to emerge with panda shadows – but it was nothing a little Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser couldn’t remedy.

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