Gloss brown hair is the most flattering look for Autumn

This spring/summer it was all about having healthy looking, shiny hair but also with some lighter pieces scattered throughout to provide a sunkissed look.

As we come into autumn/winter, this trend develops further with extreme shine becoming one of the biggest trends for the season. Glossing is great for this, where an all-over colour can be applied to your hair and will give it that glass like shine and a great, healthy looking rich hue. For brunettes in particular, glossing is really great to keep your hair from looking dull and instead have it looking fresh, vibrant and expensive looking. Enter: gloss brown.

Try as we might to cling onto the remnants of summer, autumn is officially blowing right in. The nights are getting darker, the air cooler and the shops packed with autumn/winter everything.

With a new season and new wardrobe comes new hair trends – and with the shag and bold fringes dominating autumn’s biggest haircut trends, we’re all moving over to the dark side when it comes to this season’s hair colour trends.

One hair trend that will reign supreme over the next few months is gloss brown.

“Brunette metallic-like shades are incredible for providing a high-shine look, as they are a mix of light-reflecting hues and give a multi-tonal shade effect on the hair,” explains Suzie McGill, artistic director at Rainbow Room International and Schwarzkopf Professional UK Brand Ambassador.

Like with most trends, Kim Kardashian is spearheading this one. “Kim’s incredibly smooth, soft and shiny hair looks almost glass-like and the intense colour dimensions have a reflective, high shine look, perfect for autumn and adding glamour to any look,” explains Suzie.

Suzie says that to get the glossy look, a geometric cut works best as layers can cause the light to reflect differently. “Ask to have your hair cut all one length to give that high-gloss effect and ask for a clear gloss coat at the salon, which can create more shine and help seal the cuticle,” she said.

To keep on top of the shine at home, using an appropriate shampoo and conditioner to lock in moisture is key and will help smooth the hair, keeping frizz at bay.

Here’s how to get gloss brown hair at home in a few simple steps:

  1. Before drying the hair, ensure you use a heat protector and a shine product
  2. When blow-drying, make sure to angle the hairdryer down the hair shaft so that the cuticle layer is sealed flat and smooth
  3. After blowdrying, use straighteners to create added shine and finish with a lightweight oil and some hairspray to combine shine and hold
  4. You can also swap your regular cotton pillowcase for a silk or satin case as this will cause less friction and damage to the hair, meaning it will look healthier and glossier over time
  5. One other tip is to use a brush with natural bristles, as nylon bristles are more damaging on the hair and natural bristles will also distribute the oils in your hair making appear glossier

Will you be Keeping Up With Kim?

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