Glitter Lattes Prove Just How Extra Coffee Lovers Are

Forget foam art and zombie frappuccinos. The latest craze proves just how extra coffee lovers are. Behold, the glitter latte. A small coffee shop in the UK is now topping their lattes with gold glitter, and even though it looks like a disco ball exploded in the brewing process, the shiny stuff is totally safe to consume.

The creators of the lavish latte are Debs and Andrew Pease, owners of a coffee kiosk called Melbourne in Lichfield. “I’ve seen how being too serious about your coffee can alienate people and whilst I take coffee seriously, we love fun as well and believe we all need to have more fun in life and enjoy what we do,” reads a statement posted on the shop’s Facebook page.

There, the couple also vows to keep surprising customers with what’s next.

The ‘grammable glitter latte is only available in the UK, but if you are looking for the perfect sparkly shot stateside, you can grab some edible glitter from your local baking store and GIY (aka glam it yourself).

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