Glitter Highlights Are The Next Hair Trend Taking Over Instagram

There’s no better time than now to reach for your sparkly eye shadows and sequin tops, but if you really want to shine on New Year’s Eve, you may want to consider the latest hair color trend taking over Instagram: glitter highlights.

“Glitterage” is a term some hairstylists are using to describe the process of adding sparkling accents to the hair. Similar to balayage, a freehanded highlighting technique, glitter is mixed with dye and painted strategically onto strands. The result is shockingly subtle.

“You can use the same technique for an entire head, like we did, or add just a few accent pieces that could be a quick-and-easy add-on,” Danielle Wade, a hairstylist in Denver, told Allure. She adds that the result is temporary and will wash out after your first shampoo, warning that glitter may get everywhere in the process. “It IS glitter, so prepare to have it sparkle-ify your life. I recommend brushing some of it prior to washing to avoid it all going down the drain.”

If it’s too late to book a salon appointment, you can do it yourself with a glitter gel like BRITE Glitter Up Babe ($12; ulta.com). Style your hair as desired, then use a small paintbrush (your fingers will work, too) to spread the glitter down strands. Let it dry before finishing with a spritz of hairspray for extra hold. Keep scrolling for some serious inspo.

The result of @hairartisanjess and I geeking out on some Hair. ??? Glitter Balayage has been born ? who’s next?????

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