GLAMOUR columnist Jen Atkin reveals how to beat humidity hair this summer

Knowing how to fight the frizz in this weather is an absolute necessity. No idea where to start? You’re in luck because our hair columnist, Jen Atkin, has put together the definitive guide to fighting the frizz in humid weather. These are the frizz-fighting mantras she swears by…

The DIY hair recipe I can’t live without

I have some natural DIY’s I swear by. Soaking your hair in coconut oil overnight or for just a few hours during the day, helps moisturise and add shine to your hair, which helps kick humidity aside.

Also, avocados are not just for eating, but they also do wonders for your hair. Just mash up two ripe avocados into a bowl until blended and massage into your hair, top with a shower cap, and leave on for 15-20 minutes. Voila!

The magic sheet that tames frizz

I always recommend OUAI Anti-Frizz Sheets – they’re an alternative product that just focuses on frizz but are also travel-friendly. They’re a quick touch-up for the girl-on-the-go who doesn’t want to carry around a bottle of hair oil.

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The one product you should always use

ALWAYS use a heat protectant! The OUAI Hair Oil creates a UV barrier, protecting the strands and hydrating them at the same time. You can also apply the OUAI Treatment Masque to the hair before hitting the beach to let the heat double activate for a deep conditioning treatment while the artichoke leaf extract provides a barrier from the sun, salt, and sand. I also swear by Christophe Robin Prickly Pear Balm. To tame frizz, rub a little on your hair and smooth down those flyaway.

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Adjust your sleeping habits

I suggest sleeping on a SLIP silk pillowcase to keep the hair in the best possible condition. This pillowcase is a game-changer! It serves multiple purposes by protecting your hair and delicate facial skin from the tugs and creases from a cotton pillowcase. It also reduces spit ends and helps that blow-dry last longer. What many women don’t know is cotton absorbs the moisture in your hair, causing dryness and breakage. Using the silk pillowcase takes care of all of that.

Considering Jen’s A-list clients, including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, spend so much time in the sun, we’re sure these hacks are tried, tested and proven.

Make sure you have these shampoos for frizzy hair in your humidity hair toolkit to help fight the frizz… And if none of these products work for you, there’s always these hairstyles as plan B…

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